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A case of atypical Urticaria (chronic) recovered completely with homeopathy

This is a case study of fifty-two years old female Mrs. S.S.S (Patient Identification Number 16855), suffering from atypical Urticaria. She visited Life Force on 2nd September 2011. She had first episode of Urticaria almost twenty years back, which was relieved by antihistamines. Now she was suffering from Urticaria since last two years. She was having red hives on her palms, elbows, abdomen and thighs. She would get severe itching once or twice in a week. She would take antihistamines once or twice in a week with which her itching would get reduced. There was no improvement in red hives.

She had associated complaint of Osteoarthritis since last one year. She would get pain and swelling over both knee joints. She was also suffering from Hypothyroidism and was on thyroid supplements since the last five years.

Mrs. S.S.S was having good appetite with strong craving for sweets. Micturition and bowel habits were normal. She was more tolerant to warm weather as compared to cold. Sometimes her sleep would get disturbed due to itching.

Mrs. S.S.S was a housewife. She had lot of anxiety about her family members. She was reserved by nature. She would never share her feelings even with her family members. She was sensitive; would easily get hurt. There were continuous thoughts about the family members. There was marked fear of darkness. Mrs. S.S.S was frustrated with the Urticaria and continuous medication. She wanted to get rid of antihistamines.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Kali Carbonicum 30c and a research based homeopathic medicines. In her first follow up on 22nd October 2011, she reported 50% improvement in her Urticaria. Frequency of itching had reduced to once or twice in fifteen days. Intensity of itching had also reduced. She had taken antihistamine two to three times in those six weeks. Redness was reduced by almost 50%. Considering this feedback, her further medicines were prescribed.

She gave her next follow up on 7th December 2011. The frequency of itching was further reduced to once in fifteen to twenty days. She took antihistamines only twice in those six weeks. Hives on the palms and elbows were completely reduced. Her next course of medicine was prescribed.

She happily reported on 23rd January 2011. There was 80-90% improvement in her Urticaria. She had mild itching once or twice in six weeks. She could stop her antihistamines. Hives on abdomen and thighs were also reduced. She was glad to stop her antihistamines. She is still continuing the treatment for complete recovery.

Her chronic Urticaria was treated successfully in a short span due to the accurate selection of homeopathic remedy.

( Uploaded on 30th Jan 2012 by Dr. GAJ)

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