Extensive Psoriasis treated with continuous treatment gave good and longer relief and helped in getting back a smile on her face.

Ms.C.S, PIN: 12761 approached the clinic on 10 October 2009, for her complaints of Psoriasis.

She presented with multiple psoriatic patches on the hands, elbows, legs, knees, waist, scalp, almost involving more then 80 % of the body.

Her patches were very itchy and there was excess scaling and redness. She had multiple big patches and these patches were severely inflamed.

Her complaints had started since last 7-8 years and in last so many years she had relief in her skin complaints only once which remained only for 2-3 months. Having lived with it for so many years had made her frustrated due to her skin.

Ms. C.S had tried using Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Allopathis treatment in past with no change in her skin. With time passing and coming to a age of youth (she was around 24 years now) she has become very conscious about her skin and her appearance and about what people keep asking about her skin complaints.

Her medical history was taken in details.

Her skin was absolutely red and had big scaly patches all over. She was lean in built and looked frustrated due to the psoriasis.

Her appetite was less and she was a vegetarian. Her thirst was average. Her bowel and urine habits were good. She had strong liking for sweet and spicy food.

Her perspiration was scanty and thermally she was tolerant to both the temperatures.

Her menses were regular and she had no complaints in that. Her sleep was good.

She was working as a office assistant and had a younger brother and a elder sister. Her elder sister was married and was settled in life. She was also of marriageable age but mentally she was not prepared for it as she felt very demotivated having suffered from psoriasis since last soo many years.

Her parents were also worried about her. They would worry seeing her pain and frustration.

While taking her case in detail, she vented out her emotions. She said all this had made her short tempered and for small and silly reasons she would shout at the opposite person.

She was also becoming negative minded and could never take anything positively and with a cool frame of mind.

Her case was analysed in details and she was prescribed a constitutional medicines along with Dr. Shah's research based remedy.

At 2 month follow up, on 17 December 2009, Ms. C.S reported increase in her psoriasis

At 5 months follow up, on 4 March 2010, Ms. C.S reported improvement in her psoriasis. The patches were drying up and the redness and scaling was less. Her skin was clearing up and she mentioned having a positive response first time in last soo many years.

At 8 months follow up, on 12 June 2010, Ms. C.S reported a variable response, few of the patches were better. Her itching was less but her nails had become brittle. Her scaling was less. The medicines were changed as per her feedback.

At 12 months follow up, on 3 November 2010, Ms. C.S reported good improvement in Psoriasis. Her patches were less, there was no scaling and no itching. The skin was 80% better.

At 18 months follow up, 20 May 2011, Ms. C.S reported reported good improvement in her skin. In last 6 months there was only one episode of flare up in her psoriasis but it settled in few days. Other wise her skin over all was much better and there was a change in her attitude as well.

At 24 months follow up, on 23 Nov 2011, Ms. C.S reported improvement in her skin condition.

At 2.5 years follow up, on 17 May 2012 Ms. C.S reported positive changes in her psoriasis. Her psoriatic patches had improved and there was no itching and scaling of the skin. Her skin was becoming normal now.

She is still continuing the treatment as has been advised by Dr. Shah.

She had been suffering from Psoriasis since last 7-8 years and with continuous treatment we have been able to give good and longer relief in her skin condition and helped in getting back a smile on her face.

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