Atopic Dermatitis confined to face got effectively treated with homeopathy.

Mrs. S.A.S (Patient Identification Number 15315) visited Life Force on 11th January 2011 for the complaint of Atopic Dermatitis. She was suffering since one year.

She has red rashes and dryness around lips and chin. There were severe itching on the affected area. She would also get swelling around lips. Her complaints would get worse in sun and after hot water bath.

She had undergone lip surgery for some blood vessel malformation one year back. She developed rashes and dryness after the surgery. She had not taken any treatment for her complaints. She did not want to go for allopathy as she was afraid of side effects of allopathic medicines.

While searching on the internet, she came across the website of Atopic Dermatitis and its treatment by Dr. Rajesh Shah. She was very much convinced with the results and decided to get treated under Dr. Rajesh Shah.

She narrated all her details during case taking by associate doctor. She had average appetite. She was fond of sweets and milk products. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. She would sweat profusely mainly on head and neck portion. She was more tolerant to warm weather. She sleep would get disturbed occasionally, due to severe itching.

Mrs. S.A.S was working in a private company. She was staying in nuclear family with her husband. She was very particular about her work. She was outspoken woman. She would not tolerate any injustice and would react immediately. She was confident and sincere in her work. Because of her Atopic Dermatitis, she had developed inferiority complex and confidence level was also going down. She started avoiding going in public as people would ask about her disease. She had anxiety about future. Sometimes she would feel insecure as well.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and constitutional medicine along with research based homeopathic medicines were prescribed. In first month itself, she started responding to the treatment. She reported 10% improvement in redness, swelling and dryness. Itching was still same. Sleep was disturbed due to itching. Her feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

On 15th March 2011, she reported cuts and cracks at the corner of the lips. There was no further improvement in her Atopic Dermatitis. Itching, dryness, redness were same. She had been given revised medicines for six weeks and asked to report after six weeks.

On 12th May 2012, there was 40-50% improvement. Redness, swelling and dryness were reduced by 40-50%. Itching had reduced by 50%. Cracks at the corner of mouth were reduced. Sleep was improved.

She showed continuous improvement in all her further follow ups. On 16th December 2011, she submitted her feedback online, mentioning 60% improvement in her Atopic Dermatitis. She was advised to continue the treatment for complete recovery.

On 21st February 2012, she visited Life Force. Her Atopic Dermatitis was 80% reduced. Redness and swelling had reduced by 80%. Mild itching was still there. Based on her feedback, further medicines were prescribed.

On 9th May 2012, she happily reported 90% improvement. Redness and swelling had completely gone. She would get mild itching on and off. She was very satisfied with the treatment as it helped her to regain her confidence.

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