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Recently diagnosed Hypothyrodism got effectively treated with homeopathy and patient could stop thyroid supplements.

Mrs. R.N.T (Patient Identification Number 15881) visited Life Force on 21st April 2011 for the complaint of Hypothyrodism.

She was having hair fall since last 5-6 months. She was loosing more than 50-60 hair strands per day. There was weight gain of 8-9kgs in last 6 months She was also complaining of weakness and tiredness.

There was no desire to work. Considering all these symptoms, her family physician had advised her to do Thyroid test in which Hypothyrodism was diagnosed. Her TSH level was 5.16 IU/ml on 7th April 2011.

She was put on thyroid supplemets i.e. Thyronorm 100mcg. She did not want to take thyroid supplements for long time. She came to know about Life Force by one of her relatives and she decided to get treated by Dr. Rajesh Shah for her Hypothyrodism.

She was also suffering from Urticaria since last 2 weeks. She would get severe itching and swelling twice a week, lasting for 1-2 days. She was taking T Prurgo (antihistamine) 10 mg per day since 5 days. Her Urticaria was under control with it.

She had strong family history of Hypertension. Her parents were suffering from Hypertension.

Mrs. R.N.T had average appetite. She was fond of sweets and junk food. Thirst, perspiration and bowel habits were normal. She was more tolerant to cold weather. Sleep was good.

Mrs. R.N.T was a homemaker, staying in nuclear family with her husband and 18 months old son. She was reserved by nature. She would not like to share her emotions with others. She would get hurt easily, but would never react. She was fastidious. She always wanted to do her work perfect. She was worried about her Hypothyrodism. That was the major stress for her.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case and prescribed research based homeopathic medicines. In first two months, her Urticaria was increased. She was getting Urticaria almost daily, lasting for 6-7 hours. She had stopped her Thyronorm 100 mcg after starting homeopathic medicines.

She checked her thyroid level on 13th June 2012. Her TSH level was 3.27 IU/ml. Her Hair Fall was reduced by 10-120%. Her feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

She gave her further follow up on 8th August 2011. That time her Urticaria was better by almost 70%. She had only three episodes of Urticaria in last 2 months. She had stopped antihistamines. Her Hypothyrodism was aggravated that time. Her TSH level on 1st July 2011 was 5.54 IU/ml. Her Hair Fall was further reduced. She was more concerned about the increased level of TSH. It was explained to her that in the initial few months of the treatment, there might be some ups and downs in the value of TSH. She was getting symptomatic relief which was also important.

On 2nd November 2011, she was totally recovered from Urticaria. There was no episode of Urticaria in last 4 months. Her Hair Fall was better by 50%. Energy level was increased. She could work with enthusiasm. There was no further weight gain.

On 13th December 2011, her TSH level was 3.75 IU/Ml. All her symptoms were reduced by 70%. She was advised to continue the medicines.

She showed continued improvement in all her further follow ups. Her TSH level was well under control.

In March 2012, her TSH level was 3.76 IU/ml. Her Hair Fall had reduced by 90%. Major stress in her life was relieved by this smooth and gentle recovery.

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