I am happy to see my skin getting normal again. Thanks to Homeopathy and Dr Shah.

Mrs S S (PIN 11278) a 46 years old home maker from Bhopal, India, reported in October 2008.

She was suffering from Lichen Planus since 20 years. She had multiple patches all over her body. Itching over these patches was so severe that she would scratch untill the lesions bleed. Followed by that she used to experience severe burning pain in the lesions. Her skin was so sensitive because of the disease that during case interview she said that even touch of water is like touching acid.

She tried using conventional and other herbal medicines but were of no use. There was no remission in her skin lesions since 20 years. She was frustrated and even lost her job twice due to the disease.

While noting down all her details during interview, she told about her food intake that she prefers spicy food and salty food. She has aversion to sweet taste. Her sweating tendency, bladder and bowel motions were average and normal. She never tolerated summer season well and always had aggravation in her skin condition during heat.

She had average built with older look than her actual age. Her facial expressions were frowned, sad.

As a person she was introverted as noted by physician and information given by her husband. She hardly gave any information regarding her emotional and behavioral aspect. While her husband was asked about the same he said that she never shares her frustration, sadness with anyone. It was not because of the disease but she has been like this since childhood. She was a very sentimental and sensitive lady. Small things would hurt her easily. She would cry for hours together on past sad events.

Her family history of medical illness included mother's rheumatism, father's asthma and grandparents high blood pressure. She never had any major illness in her past life. She had a small family to look after that includes a daughter and a son. There was no major past or present stress in her life except present illness.

After going through all her details, Dr Shah initialy prescribed her 2 months medicines that included two doses of Natrum Mur 200 in october 2008. She responded very well to the medicines and reported in January 2009 with 60% recovery in itching and lesions. She said that it was a miracle for her.

During her next feedback in March 2009 she reported with mild fluctuation with appearance of new lesions. She was worried with this fluctuation but was pacified and advised to continue medicines. With continued medication she was happy to report in May 2009 that she did not have much problems in her skin during summer season.

During 2009 and 2010 there was no further improvement till Jan 2011 but she was advised to continue medicines and she did. In Jan 2011 there was increase in the lesions as there was stress in her family life. After noting down the details some changes were made and medicine was prescribed. Her improvement started after that she was more than 90% better. Now she does not have itching . 90% of her skin is free of the lesions and she is living a happy stress free life.

Patience is the key in long standing diseases. In her case she was suffering since 20 years still initial response was very good. But thereafter because of stress and active strong disease the disease kept fluctuating. She was advised to continue medicines even after fluctuations. Dr Shah kept on making necessary changes in every medicines and ultimately she experienced substantial recovery in her lesions.

Case study by Dr P.A.D

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