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41 years old marketing personnel with Psoriasis of fingers recovered within 3 months of medications.

Mr. C. V. T. was residing in Mumbai. He read about Dr. Shah in an article published in a newspaper and decided to seek his treatment. He visited Life Force on 20th November 2013. He was suffering from Psoriasis on fingers since two years. He had taken homeopathy from a local doctor and got relief for a year. Since June 2013 the complaint had reoccurred and was fluctuating. He had redness and scaling with mild itching. It has decreased since four days. He was applying plain moisturizers on it.

He was also suffering from chronic cold since childhood all through the year. He had nose block and loss of smell. He would feel better by steam inhalation. The complaints would increase on weather change, ac and fan.

He would often get boils on back. It would subside in two – three days. He had checked his blood sugar levels which were normal.

He had habit of inducing vomiting for relieving his acidity. He would get burning pain in epigastrium and heat sensation in abdomen.

His appetite was normal. He craved sweets. He had habit of taking tobacco, four – five packets in a day. He would also drink alcohol two times a week. He was intolerant to warm temperature. His bowels were unsatisfactory. His sleep was disturbed and slept late.

He was working in a tools company as marketing personnel. His wife was a home maker. His son was five years old and daughter was 8 years old. His father was retired and mother was a home maker.

He was worrisome and irritable person. He would often argue over petty issues. He was attached to his family. In the past when his mother was ill and son was not keeping well, he was worried and anxious regarding their health. He was ambitious to start his own business in future.

His father was suffering from diabetes. His mother was suffering from asthmatic bronchitis.

Dr. Shah prescribed him a research based medicine for six weeks.

He visited on 20th January 2014 for his first follow up. In the initial twenty days of medicines he was about 60% relieved, but since fifteen days it had come back again. The cracks were deep and would bleed often. It was the winter time so Dr. Shah made the necessary changes in the medicines for reducing these fluctuations. The frequent cold was same. The acidity had improved significantly.

He visited on 10th February 2014 for his second follow up. The fingers were smooth and clear. Since 7 days very minimal scaling was present. The cracks had healed completely. The cold was same.

He is still continuing with the medicines for other complaints as well to minimize the chances of relapses of Psoriasis.

Uploaded on 18 February 2014, by Dr. M.N.P.

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