A 30 years old MBA professional experienced amazing recovery in his scalp Psoriasis.

Mrs. D.A.S. visited Life Force on 15th June 2013 to meet Dr. Shah. She had come on behalf of her husband to start with his treatment for Psoriasis. Mr. A. K. S. was suffering from Psoriasis from the scalp for 5 years. His scalp would be filled with yellow-colored dry flakes which would easily fall off. Dryness was predominant on the scalp. For 2 months few new spots had appeared on the face, chest, back, hands and legs. They would rarely itch. The scalp spots would increase in the winter and decrease in the summer. He had taken conventional medicines for a month for his scalp after which the spread started on his body. Now for a month, he was taking homeopathy from a local doctor.

His wife gave his other case details.

His appetite was average. He liked spicy food. He was intolerant to warm temperatures.

He was a software engineer working in an esteemed company in Pune. He had 8 years of work experience. His career had become stagnant so he decided to pursue master's in Business administration. He was present in Jamshedpur completing his studies.

His wife was a research scientist working in Pune. His father was working in the marketing department in a company in Bhutan. His mother was a homemaker. He had a sister who was married and settled.

He was calm, composed, and reserved. He was not an expressive person; he mostly kept his thoughts and feelings to himself. Presently he felt homesick and stressed due to studies and staying away from family. He had cordial relations with his family.

Dr. Shah studied his case details and also reports and skin pictures given by his wife and prescribed a research-based medicine.

He gave feedback on 6th August via the online system. He had seen around 40% improvement. The red spots on the face and forehead had become pale. There were a few new spots behind the ears which were painful.

He reported on 22nd August with a mild increase in his spots. The new spots behind the ears were painful and oozing watery discharge. The spots on the face, forehead, chest, back, hands, and legs were healing. The scalp was also improving. Dr. Shah reviewed his case and sent an upgraded prescription.

He reported on 1st October with no changes in the complaints. The spots were healing and merging together to form large spots. The scalp was improving. The face and forehead spots were healing with pale white skin.

He reported on 10th November with around 60% improvement in all the spots. There was still redness behind the ears and nose. The other spots on the body were healing. Despite winter, there was no increase in his scalp psoriasis. He regarded this as the most positive sign. He said, " I was always the first to know when winter arrived, the scales would increase, however, this winter there was no increase in the scalp scaling. He felt more confident about his recovery.

He personally visited on 28th December 2013 to meet Dr. Shah. He had recovered over 80 – 90%. There were only mild lesions on the chin and knees. The spots on the scalp, forehead, face, cheeks, abdomen, chest, back, hands, and legs were all healed.

He was happy with the improvement and expressed his gratitude towards Dr. Shah.

Uploaded on 31st December 2013, by Dr. M.N.P.

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