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A 3 year old girl diagnosed as 'Steroid Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome' with swelling on her legs that had spread to abdomen and face, associated with severe side effects of certain drugs (Cyclosporin).

The parents of Baby. N.R (Patient Ref. No. 4520) a 3 years old female child reported to us for the treatment of their daughter who had Nephrotic syndrome since the age of 2 years. Her complaints began after she had been sick for some time and her parents noticed that she had developed some swelling on her legs. Tests done on her urine revealed high amounts of protein in her urine. She was referred to a nephrologist who, after all investigations, diagnosed her as having Nephrotic Syndrome. She was put on steroids for the same, the dose of which was increased after one month. Still she continued to have increased swelling that had spread to her abdomen and face too. She had to be admitted to the hospital later and was put on diuretics and albumin (since her blood albumin level was dangerously low).

Later she was put on another drug, cyclosporine, after which she developed hair all over her body as a side-effect. Her blood pressure also remained on the higher side constantly for which she was started on anti-hypertensive medication. Her kidney biopsy showed mesangial proliferation with focal global sclerosis and based on all the reports her nephrologists labeled her as 'Steroid resistant Nephrotic Syndrome'. Her condition had always been on-going and it was never gone away, her mother reported. So it was difficult to determine what had worsened her condition.

She was a thin built girl with a normal appetite. She was fond of sweets and sour things. She would pass stools 2-3 times daily and the color would be green or white. She would occasionally be constipated.

She was a cheerful, playful and happy child. She had become very irritable while she was on steroids but that settled down after stopping them. She was shy and uncomfortable at new places and would take time to mix with people. She would throw up temper tantrums at times, her mother reported, but would calm down soon. Her parents also stated that no one would ever know by looking at her that she has been sick because she would eat, play, sleep and behave like a very normal child.

She had suffered from asthmatic bronchitis in the past and was treated with homoeopathy. She never had a relapse of the condition again. Her maternal grandmother had colon cancer and her paternal grandmother had breast cancer. Her uncle had diabetes and ischemic heart disease. Her mother had suffered from asthma and allergies when she was young.

Based on this history she was prescribed homeopathic treatment. By the end of 4 months of treatment she did very well and her anti-hypertensive medicines' dosage had been lowered by her nephrologist. He was surprised that she was doing so well inspite of being on such a low dose of the medication. She would not require as frequent visits to her nephrologist as before and she would need to see him only once in about 3 months. Overall she did well with the treatment which she had to continue for long time since this disorder takes time to be treated. However the response in her case was positive in a very short period of time.

Remark: The remedy prescribed in these cases is patient-specific i.e. it has been prescribed based on the symptoms specific to the patient at that point of time. It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any self-medication.

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