Cortisone suppressed Psoriasis found wonderful recovery with few fluctuations.

Mr. A. K., 27 years old gentleman visited Life Force on 18th October 2011. His patient identification number is 17286. He was suffering from Psoriasis since 1.5 years. It was spread all over the body. The spots were on scalp, forearms, chest, back, legs, soles and hands. He had itching and scaling. He had been applying tenovate ointment since 6 months. He had been taking conventional treatment since the appearance of Psoriasis.

His appetite was average. He liked spicy food. He had a habit of smoking 10 cigarettes in a day since 8 years. He was sensitive to warm weather. His thirst, urine, sleep and bowels were normal.

He was an engineer working in a furnace fabricator company. His father was a retired bank manager. His mother had been a home maker. His brother was doing business and his sister was studying.

He was reserved and mild in nature. He did not have any major worries. He wanted to start his own business.

He had herpes in the past.

His mother had high blood pressure.

His case details were studied by Dr. Shah and medicines were prescribed.

He visited on 14th November with increase in his Psoriasis. The spots had appeared on scalp, legs, and chest, back, hand and forearms. There was itching and scaling. This was anticipated and explained by Dr. Shah. He had stopped applying tenovate ointment when he started our medicines. He was calm as it had been explained before in detail.

He visited on 14th December with mild improvement in Psoriasis. There were no new spots and spread. The itching and scaling were also better. Dr. Shah upgraded his prescription.

He visited on 7th March and reported further improvement. The scaling was better by 30% and itching was better by 40%. The scalp and face was substantially better. The chest, back, hands, forearms and legs spots had dried and healed with hyper pigmented spots.

He reported on 12th July with mild increase. The spots on face and scalp were stable. The spots on legs and hands were increasing and spreading. The spots on chest back were stable. The itching and scaling was more in legs and hands.

He visited on 2nd October with improvement. It had been improving but since last 2 weeks it had increased. The face and scalp were healing. It was spreading on forearms, hands, legs and soles. The spots on chest, back and abdomen were stable. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded.

He visited on 15th January 2013 with overall 60% improvement. There were no major active spots except mild on knuckles, right side of abdomen and one on scalp. All other spots were healing. The scaling and itching was also mild. He had been having a patch of hardened skin near right wrist since 2 months. This was also taken into consideration by Dr. Shah.

He visited on 19th April for next follow up. The spots on the chest, back, abdomen, hands, face and scalp were better. The spots on the legs had mildly increased since 15 days. The itching and scaling was minimal for these spots. The hardened patch near right wrist had started to improve.

He visited on 6th August and reported further improvement. All the spots were healing and leaving dark pigmented spots. The spots on the legs were also healing. There was no scaling or itching. The hardened patch on right wrist was recovered by 50%.

He visited on 22nd November with overall 80% improvement. All the spots were healing further. The right wrist patches were recovered by 90%. He was happy with his improvement and healing.

Uploaded on 27th November 2013, by Dr. M.N.P.

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