My Vitiligo got cured in 6 weeks like magic. Now I am here to start treatment for my wife

Mr. M. K. K. visited Life Force on 10th November 2006. He was 31 years old having cola drink agency. His patient identification number is 9068. He was having Vitiligo since 2 months. The areas affected were difficult ones like lips, finger tips and palms.
It was spreading rapidly. He had a major financial loss in his agency. This stress had triggered his Vitiligo as his father was also having moderate Vitiligo.

His appetite was normal with no specific liking or disliking. The perspiration was generalized. He was sensitive to cold temperature. His bowels and sleep was normal.

He stayed in joint family with parents. His wife and mother were home makers. His father and he were having cola drink agency. He had 2 children; 5 years old son and 2 years old daughter.

He was calm, reserved and naïve. He was lazy in taking correct decisions on time. He was much affected with this disease and financial loss.

He had not suffered from any major illnesses in the past.

His father had Vitiligo. No other major diseases were seen in his family.

His case was studied by Dr. Shah and prescribed few research based medicines for 6 weeks.

He reported on 24th September 2013 to start with the treatment for his wife.

He said – “My Vitiligo got cured in 6 weeks like magic. I have come now to start treatment for my wife’s complaint and expect the same recovery for her”.

Uploaded on 14 September 2013, by Dr. M.N.P.

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