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Excellent treatment for milky white spots (vitiligo) and ithching on both sides of neck

A 45 year old male Mr.J.J.C (Patient Identification Number 20302) came to Life Force on 26thNovember 2012 with a complaint of Vitiligo. He was suffering from vitiligo since last four months. There were milky white spots on both side of the neck. These spots were moderate in size. Initially there was itching, followed by the development of white spots. He has been taking Ayurvedic treatment for around 3 months with no obvious improvement. One of his relative who was suffering from Psoriasis had recovered with Dr Shah's treatment and he has referred the patient to Life Force. Dr Shah told him that the medicines will help him to stop the spread and to repigment the spots.

He was having average appetite and was a vegetarian. He was having profuse perspiration on the whole body, particularly on the palms and soles, his perspiration would leave yellow stain on his clothes.

He was more sensitive to colds. His bowels were unsatisfactory. He had hard stools for which he had to strain a lot.

He had an average built and had a sound sleep.

He was a farmer; he would also trade for insecticides and pesticides. His wife was a homemaker. He had one son and one daughter. His daughter was studying in the 4th standard and his son was studying in the 2nd standard. His father was retired and his mother had expired.

He was an affectionate and anxious person. He had anticipatory anxiety and he was apprehensive by nature. He was irritable with aggravation from contradiction. He had persistent thoughts about one thing or the other and he would continuously worry.

His father was suffering from frequent colds and his mother was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and his brother was suffering from Psoriasis.

His weight was 50 kg and his blood pressure was 110/70 mm of hg.

Dr.Shah analysed the case thoroughly and prescribed Phosphorous 200c along with research based medicines.

He reported to our clinic on 23rdJanuary 2013 with 50% relief in his complaints. The white spots had reduced in size with no new spots seen.

He reported on 28 th March 2013 with 75% improvement in vitiligo. The spots of vitiligo on both sides were better by 75%. The spots had repigmented and no new spots were noted. He was very happy with the treatment. All his relatives and friends were surprised by the rapid recovery with Homeopathy and they thanked Dr. Shah for such a fast recovery.

He is continuing with the treatment for a complete recovery.

uploaded on 21 April 2014, by Dr. M.N.P.

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