Severe Bronchodilator Dependent Asthma Got Treated Incredibly In Just 3 Months Of Homeopathic Treatment

50-years-old Mrs. M.K.S. (PIN 22123) visited Life Force on 31st December 2013 for the treatment of Asthma, which had troubled her a lot since the last one year. She was suffering from the complaints of running nose, dry cough, dyspnea, and headache. She would get a severe cough with white and sticky phlegm. During the episodes of a cough, she would experience watering of the eyes. She had to hold the chest while coughing. She would get relief from her cough by drinking water. Dyspnoea was experienced more after midnight (1 a.m. - 4 a.m.) which disturbed her sleep. She was on medication Tab Deriphyllin from the last two to three months.

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Mrs. M.K.S. was a lean 50-years-old lady. She was a singing teacher. She could not tolerate the cold in any form. She craved for sweets. Her bowel movements were not satisfactory.

Mrs. M.K.S. had two daughters. The younger one was more attached to her emotionally. She was an affectionate, calm, and well-disciplined mother worried about her daughter's career, education, and future. She would get tensed before the exams of her daughters. If her husband was late from work, she would get worried. There was a dispute over the ancestral property of her father. Her brother-in-law had cheated them, but she could not say anything to him as her sister would be affected by the dispute. However, she wanted her share of the property to secure her own daughter's future. Her husband was co-operative and he said, " Let it be, we do not want to fight and argue", so she let go.

Based on her case details, Dr. Shah prescribed her Kali Carbonicum 30c along with research-based medicines.

On 10th February 2014 at her first follow-up, she was 70 % better in all her complaints. Her cold, cough and the breathlessness had reduced substantially. She had not required Deriphyllin even once in the last six weeks. Her prescription was reviewed by Dr. Shah and she was advised to continue the same medicine for the next six weeks.

On her second follow-up on 2nd April 2014, she was absolutely fine. She had not experienced any episode of cold, cough, or breathlessness. She had not even once required Deriphyllin in the last three months of the treatment. Her prescription was studied by Dr. Shah and medicines were prescribed accordingly.

Presently she is continuing the medicines to prevent the relapse of asthma.

She was very much impressed with the quick and prompt recovery of her Asthma at Life Force.


This case illustrates that homeopathy promotes quick and effective recovery from asthma and eliminates the dependency on the conventional medicine safely without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. M. B, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 

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