He said that the urticaria never reoccured after the homeopathic treatment

Mr. R.K. aged 50 years (Patient Identification Number 10777) visited the clinic on 11 June 2008 for the treatment of Urticaria. He was suffering from severe Urticaria since last one year.

Mr. R.K. presented with severe Urticaria. He had severe itching all over the body with reddish eruptions (hives). These episodes would occur almost daily; and would last for 6- 8 hours. They would appear more during the evening and at night. He had tried a lot of Homeopathic treatments but nothing seemed to help him.

He had not started with any sort of anti allergic medication as he was aware about the dependence that he would have on allopathic medications. He approached Life Force Center as the last resort as he had read a lot about Dr.Shah and the positive testimonials of the patients on the website .

He was very tired with the appearance of hives every day. The hives would subside on their own also, but they would reoccur the next day. His first sentence when he consulted with us was, "Doctor please cure me from this annoying skin condition".

He also complained of persistent gastric symptoms and had severe acidity and burning sensation.

His case was studied in detail.

He was a non vegetarian and his appetite was average. He had craving for chicken. His urine and bowel habits were normal. Thermally he was ambithermal.

His sleep was sound and refreshing. Physically, he was stout.

He was working as a branch manager with bank. His wife was working with HSBC Bank. He had a daughter who was studying in 10 th std.

He mentioned having a high paced job but he was very care free and cool by nature. Although the job was very demanding but he wouldn't let that affect him personally and he would manage everything with a calm mind.

The only stress at the moment was of the hives which were a daily event. On detailed questioning he mentioned the hives came up during evening and night time, this was also the time when he would be at home.

He wouldn't take much stress and could manage everything, even his personal life was good.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case details and prescribed a constitutional medicine along with research based medicines.

At the 2 months follow up (11 August 2008) Mr. R.K. Reported that he was much better and said that this is the
first time that he saw some positive change with Homeopathic treatment.

He was still getting the hives but the frequency had reduced to 1-2 times per week and severity was also less.

At the 3 months follow up (27 September 2008) Mr. R.K. Reported that there was further improvement and now the hives would settle down in around half an hour and would not continue for 6-8 hours like in the past.

At the 7 months follow up, on 22 April 2009 he reported no urticaria rash in last 2 months time.

After 1 year of treatment, on 17 june 2009, Mr. R.K. Reported complete recovery in his Urticaria. He said, " Dr I am free of this annoying condition and
and since the last 3-4 months I feel so happy and content with my life. I am able to work and talk with people freely. I have not got even one episode of urticaria in the last four months."

He stopped the treatment after 1 year.

On 15 May 2012, he came with his daughter for her treatment. He said that the urticaria never reoccured after the homeopathic treatment.

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