Psoriasis under control even in winter with homeopathic medicines.

79 years old male patient Mr. A.S.R. (Patient Identification Number- 19025) visited Life Force Clinic on 5th May 2012, with complaints of Psoriasis.

Mr. A.S.R was suffering with Psoriasis since 5-6 years. The Psoriatic lesions would occur every year, and tend to increase in winter. Since 1 month, the psoriasis had increased extensively. There were Psoriatic patches on abdomen, groin region and armpits The patches were extensive with redness and itching. It was accompanied with burning pains. He was on medicines from local doctor since 20 months with very little improvement.

He was a vegetarian by diet. He had special cravings for salt and sweets. His bowels and urine were normal. He was also suffering with Hypertension which was under control with medications. In his family, his father had asthma, sister had Tuberculosis and brother had Psoriasis.

Mr. A.S.R. was retired from his service in a reputed private firm. His family consisted of wife and a son and a daughter. His son was working in a MNC and daughter was a CA.

Mr. A.S.R. was very softspoken, and perfect in his work. He always wanted things to be in perfect place and in order. He was very religious. He had a struggled all through his life and now was very satisfied with his life. His family was settled, and he was enjoying his retirement days. There was no any major stress in his life.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and he was prescribed Research based medicines for Psoriasis.

After 2 months on 15th June 2012, his Psoriasis was 50% better. The old spots on armpits, groin region and abdomen were better. The itching, redness and scaling had reduced. But still there were few new spots coming on lower back and buttocks.

After another 1.5 months on 31st July 2012, the old spots were much better but new spots were still coming up. Since a month, there were new spots on elbows and popliteal fossa of both sides however, the itching, redness and scaling had reduced. He was again prescribed research based medicines by Dr. Shah.

After 3 months on 15th Nov 2012, the Psoriasis was 75% better. There were no new patches, the old ones were much better. The itching, scaling and redness was 75% better. He was very happy with the results.

Even after winter approaching, he had not got any single new spot or any increase in his psoriasis. He is still continuing with the medicines for further improvement.

Uploaded on 10 January 2013 by Dr. k.W.

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Results may vary from person to person

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