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100% improvement is observed in my Lichen Planus.

37 years old, Mrs. N. S. S. (Patient Identification Number - 18945) visited Life Force with her husband on 24th April 2012. She was suffering from Lichen Planus since 2.5 years. She had been applying steroid based creams to them for 8 months which were stopped 3 months back. There was post healed hyperpigmented marks on the legs and abdomen. She had developed rashes under her breast since 4 months which was spreading and itchy. It was diagnosed as a fungal infection on examination by an associate doctor.

She also complained of a headache since 15 years. It would affect her once in 15 days which would subside in a day. The triggering factors were a loss of sleep, exertion, and sun. She would require a painkiller once a month.

She had hair fall for 6 years. There would be more than 100 strands of hair fall a day.

She preferred spicy food and fish. She could not tolerate warm temperature. There were no complaints in her sleep, thirst, bowels or menses.

She was a teacher in a school. Her husband was a marketing professional. She had 3 children; 2 sons and a daughter. All children were studying.

She was reserved and disciplined. She would often feel the financial stress as they were living in a rented flat.

Her father had suffered from heart attack.

Her case detail was studied by Dr. Shah and was prescribed few research-based medicines.
She reported on 31st May with no change in her complaints. Her rashes under the breast had increased and become itchier. The skin Lichen Planus also was same; there was no spread. The hair fall also did not find any improvement. She had 2 episodes of a headache for which she took a painkiller. Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

She then reported on 7th July with around 70% improvement in her fungal infection under her breast. The Lichen Planus has also shown improvement. The itching was still persistent. There were no new spots appearing. The headache frequency had increased.

She reported on 16th August with further improvement in fungal infection. The Lichen Planus was better, but there were 1 – 2 new spots emerging near the earlobe. The itching was still persistent. There was an improvement in old spots. Overall she stated 70% improvement in all her complaints.

On 25th September she reported 80% improvement in her Lichen Planus. The fungal infection had completely subsided. There was only dark hyperpigmented post healed marks. The spots on the earlobe had healed and were slightly itchy. A headache was also further improved. The hair fall had reduced. A headache was better. Dr. Shah reviewed her case and upgraded the prescription.

On 30th December she was happy to report 100% improvement in her skin complaints of fungal infection and Lichen Planus. There was no itching. There were mild hyperpigmentation marks remaining on the skin. All spots had healed. She is very happy with Dr Shah's treatment.

Uploaded on 14th May 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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