Elderly lady with lichen planus treated successfully with online treatment

63 years old New Jersey resident, Mrs. J. L. D. (Patient Identification Number - 6763) from New Jersey, United States, availed our online treatment for Lichen Planus.

She started with Dr. Shah’s treatment on 12th April 2005. She had noticed the first spot of Lichen Planus a year ago on her left leg. She had visited her local family physician who had diagnosed it as scabies. She took his treatment for a couple of months, but the spots kept on increasing. When it had extensively spread all over the body, she visited a skin specialist. After a skin biopsy, it was diagnosed as Lichen Planus. It was spreading gradually. The size was varied and it almost covered the whole limbs. They were itchy and occasionally would feel a tingle. The spots were dark violaceous in appearance. There would be a burning sensation in these spots. She was supervising the renovation work last year when the skin complaints started. She was stressed because of this complaint.

Her appetite was average. She preferred vegetables and fish more than pasta and meat. She did not like Chinese food. Her thirst and sweat were normal.

She was a divorcee and stayed with her daughter. She had a son who lived in Florida. She had got divorced 30 years ago. Her daughter was also a divorcee without an issue. The son was single and 32 years old. Her daughter was 36 years old. Her elder sister resided a mile away from her and was physically disabled. The patient had taken care of her sister all these years. She had met with an accident a few months back and fractured her ankle.

She was very much stressed out because of her skin complaint. She was trying her best to remain calm. She had many minor surgeries in the past. She had developed many illnesses throughout her life since the age of 3. She had also been operated for the appendix.

Her mother had expired due to breast cancer at the age of 77. Her father was a diabetic and expired due to heart disease more than 20 years ago.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah. She was prescribed Sepia 200c and Thuja 200c along with some research-based medicines.

After a years treatment on 24th April 2006, she updated her feedback as a considerable improvement. The spot has stopped to spread. Healing had started taking place on the older lesions. Her prescription was gradually upgraded to Dr. Shah.

After 2 years of treatment on 28th May 2007, she reported almost 50% improvement in her condition. Her prescription was reviewed and accordingly upgraded by Dr. Shah.

On 27th January 2009, she reported with almost 75% improvement. The lesions had reduced. There were healed hyperpigmented patches on the legs, abdomen, and thighs. She was very happy with her treatment.

On 22nd January 2010, she updated her feedback as ‘100% improvement’. There were no new eruptions and almost all the old eruptions were cured. She was very happy and grateful to Dr. Shah for her wonderful recovery.

She stated on 15th June 2011 as – ‘Since the first treatment, the improvement has been wonderful. The improvement is beyond belief and there are no words to describe how the rash has faded. It is still there and I know it but not visible to the people looking at me.’

Dr. M. N. P

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