He cannot stop being thankful to Dr. Shah for releiving him of this chronic headache


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Mr H.S.S PIN: 18422, a male 35 years of age visited the clinic on 1 March 2012 for his complaints of Migraine.

Since last 15 years he was suffering from headache. He described his headache as being very severe and he would have severe nausea and vomiting along with it. This was caused due to delayed meals and missing meals.

He could identify the exposure to sunlight and some kind of mental stress also acting as a trigger factor for the headache.On refering a local Dr he was diagnosed as having migraine and he was started on flunaril (anti serotonin) medicines. There was not much change in his headache despite this line of treatment

The head ache was severe and made him uncomfortable with pain. He was frustrated with this complaints and had a lot of irritability due to it. The pain was also affecting his routine life and he couldn't concentrate in his business due to the frequent occurences of the headache. He has started taking a paracetamol daily but that was not releiving his pain at all.

He also mentioned his mother having similar migrainous headache.

While surfing about migraine he came across Dr. Shah's site and was very impressed reading about the Homeopathic treatment for Migraine.

His case was studied in detail.

He was a vegetarian and his appetite was good. He had a liking for spicy food and had strong craving for Tea (would take around 10 cups per day). He said that the stress at work was so high that Tea acted as a stress buster for him.

His thirst for water was excess. He had excess sweating all over the body. His urine and bowel habits were normal. Thermally he was a very hot patient. His sleep was sound.

He was running a textile business with one of his cousins. He was staying in a joint family, with his parents and his wife was a home maker and had a school going son.

He was a perfectionist at work and was always very result oriented in his business. He was impatient and always wanted things to be done as per his wishes. Although his business was set he always desired for acheiving more in life. He was called as a go getter by his friends. He was hard working and always pushed himself each time to go ahead in life.

At 2 months follow up (19 April 2012), which was the first follow up after starting the treatment, Mr H.S.S. reported good improvement in his headache, the severity of headache was less but the frequency was still the same and he would still get the headaches with any change in his meal time.
Based on his feedback the medicines were altered by Dr. Shah.

At 4 months follow up (28 June 2012), Mr H.S.S. reported very good improvement in his headache. This time he said he could even see the frequency and the intensity of the headaches coming under control and past 2 months have been very comfortable as there is no dependence on any kind of painkillers. He mentioned feeling very fresh and more comfortable. Since his irritability was also less, he was more receptive to other's problem so things were also settling in his business.

Mr H.S.S is still continuing the treatment but he cannot stop being thankful to Dr. Shah for releiving him of this chronic headache.

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