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A severe case of scalp psoriasis effectively treated with homeopathic medicines

A male, Mr. D.B.P Patient Identification Number 17727, visited the clinic on 12 December 2011, was suffering from psoriasis since last 2 years.

He had red psoriatic patches on the scalp and around the ears. Initially
he was treated as a case of seborrhic dermatitis and was put on anti fungal ointments and shampoo for it. There was no respose to the treatment and his redness and itching increased further. He would have excess itching followed with scab formation and scales falling from scalp.

He also gave a history of having frequents colds and cough.

On detailed questioning he expressed the personal stresses that he was undergoing; a failed marriage, having a son from that marriage.

He was stressed out with the way life was taking turn. He had tried to adjust with his wife but things were going out of control and against his own wishes he had to take a step of filing for divorce. His wife's family were financially strong so she got the custody of the child.

He was not allowed to meet his son so he could not connect with his own son as didnt know how to tackle the whole situation.

His case was taken in details.

His appetite was average and he was a vegetarian. His motions and urine were normal. His thirst for water was adequate and he had sweating which was excess and was more on palms and soles.
The sweating would leave behind stains. Thermally he was a hot patient and could not tolerate excess of heat.

He was working into sales sector and was struggling to make ends meet. While taking the case he was also counselled about the relation between psoriasis and stress and was asked to keep a calm mind in order to see more positive changes in psoriasis.

At 2 months follow up (3 February 2012), Mr. D.B.P reported improvement in the scalp scaling, the itching was less, there
were no new patches. His frequent colds were also less. The next course of medicines was prescribed by Dr. Shah.

At 4 months follow up (27 April 2012), Mr. D.B.P reported 50 % improvement in the scaling. The itching reduced and the scaling was also under control.

At 8 months follow up (24 August 2012), Mr. D.B.P reported very good improvement, the patches and the scabs have started
to reduce, there is no further increase in the psoriasis. His frequent colds are also under control.

This is a very good response with 8 months of treatment, however understanding the disease process of psoriasis, the patient has been advised to continue the treatment for some more time

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