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Atopic Dermatitis cured with Dr. Shah's Research based medicines.

A 8 years old female patient Ms. G. K. M. (Patient Identification Number- 19437) came to Life force clinic on 21st July 2012 for her complaints of Atopic Dermatitis.

She was suffering with Atopic Dermatitis since 8 months. There were papular eruptions on bilateral axilla, elbows and legs. She had intense itching with bleeding on scratching, there was dryness with burning. She had taken conventional mode of treatment (cortisone) for the same, which relieved her complaints but again there was a relapse of her Atopic Dermatitis.

When she visited clinic, she had active papular eruptions with severe itching. In her family history, her mother had Eczema, sister had Vitiligo and paternal grand father had Thyroid with Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus. Her maternal grandmother had expired with Liver cancer and breast cancer.
She had strong family history of auto immune diseases.

Her appetite was average, she had an aversion for sweets. She had no complaints regarding her bowels and urine. Her father had his own garment business and mother was a housewife. Pt was studying in 4th std, her younger sister was in 1st std.

Patient was shy in nature, would always take time to mix. Her anger was very short lasting. She was very fond of make up and drawing.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and was prescribed Dr. Shah's research based medicines for atopic dermatitis.

She visited on 8th Sept 2012, her Atopic Dermatitis was 30% better, her papular eruptions were better, there were any new eruptions. The itching had reduced, burning and bleeding had reduced. Also, her dryness had reduced. She was again prescribed, Dr. Shah's research based medicines for atopic dermatitis.

On 25th Oct 2012, her Atopic Dermatitis was 75%. The eruptions on bilateral axilla, elbows and legs had reduced by 75%. The itching had reduced, now the itching was only on and off and only 25% of itching had remained.

This was a good response of Atopic Dermatitis to the homeopathic medicines.

Uploaded by Dr. KSW on 1 November 2012.

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Results may vary from person to person

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