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Case-13: Cervical pain and muscle spasm treated well with well selected Homeopathic medicines

A robust lady, 44 years of age, Ms. D.N.D approached the clinic on 20 April 2011 with the complaints of cervical spondylitis.

Ms. D.N.D presented with sever pain and stiffness in the cervical region. Her X Ray showed changes suggestive of cervical spondylitis at the level of C5-C6 vertebra.

She appeared very disturbed due to the complaints, her main concern was despite being very energetic and leading a very active life style, how come she ended up having such a complaint.

She had not started with any treatment so far and visited the clinic only to get answers to all her questions about cervical spondylitis and its progress.

She was explained in details about the disease condition and the importance of detailed questioning about her medical history.

Ms. D.N.D, appeared very anxious because of her complaints, her problems have started just few years back, around 2-3 years back, initially she did not pay any attention to it but now the pain and discomfort was too much. She could not bear the pain around the shoulder blades and the continuous tingling sensation was hampering her from doing her routine activities. The neck pain was associated with mild heaviness and headache. Though she had not taken any treatment so far, she mentioned taking painkillers occasionally when the pain was unbearable.

She also complained of having hormonal imbalance and was put on hormonal treatment for it.

Her appetite was average and her thirst for water was average. Her urine and bowel habits were normal. She couldn't tolerate hot weather and thermally was a hot patient. Her menstrual history was regular.

She mentioned having some issues in her sleep, it was disturbed due to the neck pain and she couldn't sleep comfortably in one position.

She has 2 children after she underwent IVF treatment for it. She was a home maker and her husband was into business. She had a stable life but underwent lot of insecurities. She explained it saying life was settled but very stressful. There were minor worries about children's future, husband's financial condition and her health. All these worries would pile up together in her mind and she was not able to take that stress any more.

Dr. Shah prescribed her constitution medicines on 20 April 2011. She was also counseled about the effect of stress on the cervical spine.

At 1.5 months follow up on 10 June 2011, Ms. D.N.D reported mild improvement in her pain, although her anxiety was still very apparent to the attending physician. Based on her feedback, the medicines were prescribed by Dr. Shah.

At 3 months follow up on 5 August 2011, Ms. D.N.D reported very good improvement in her pain and the stiffness. She was appearing to be more calm. She mentioned that her tingling sensation had also reduced. The severity of her complaints had significantly reduced.

At 6 months follow up on 25 November 2011, Ms. D.N.D reported some increase in her neck pain again. On detailed questioning she mentioned some increase in her physical activity. The medicines were altered as per her feedback.

At 9 months follow up on 11 February 2012, Ms. D.N.D reported markedly good improvement in her pain and tingling numbness. She appeared more calmer and she could comfortably do her routine activities.

At 12 months follow up on 8 May 2012, Ms. D.N.D reported , after a break of 1-2 months in her medicines. She said that she felt very comfortable so there was no need to report to the clinic. She was thankful to Dr. Shah for the timely and effective medical assistance. She was prescribed medicines for another 2 months

On 14 July 2012, Ms. D.N.D called up and reported very good improvement in her pain, over the phone. She was prescribed 2 months medicines.

On 12 September 2012, Ms. D.N.D reported very good improvement in her cervical and neck pain. She had developed full faith in us and came back to us with another patient.

This patient reported again on 3rd June 2014 for some other complaint. She was free from Cervical Spondylitis till the date.

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