Vitiligo spots on neck increasing in size controlled & recovered within 6 months of treatment



Mr. A.S.V (Patient Identification Number 17886) was suffering from Vitiligo for 1 year. He was having two small spots of Vitiligo on neck. The spots were increasing gradually in size. He had used steroid creams and local immunosuppressants for 2-3 months. He did not find any significant change in his spots with those medicines. He wanted to get it treated from root level. He searched on the internet about the alternate treatment for Vitiligo. He came to know about Life Force by one of his friends who had been treated at Life Force for his skin disease. Mr. A.S.V decided to get treated under Dr. Rajesh Shah and visited Life Force on 2nd January 2012. His case details were taken.

His appetite was average. He was fond of salty food. He would not like sweets much. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. He would get profuse generalized sweating. He would feel more comfortable in warm weather. His sleep was good.

He had a family history of Hypertension and Joints pain.

Mr. A.S.V was living in Pune with his brother and mother. He had his own business. He was obstinate and stubborn by nature. He would not tolerate any injustice. He was mentally very restless. He would easily believe others. He was helpful. He was nature lover and would like traveling. Vitiligo was his major stress in life. He wanted to get rid of it and visited Life Force with great hopes.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him constitutional medicine along with research based homeopathic medicine. He reported on 28th February 2012. There was no significant change in his Vitiligo. Size of both the spots was same; there was no spread. It was explained to him that Vitiligo being an obstinate skin disease, takes time to respond to homeopathy. His feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

He reported 30-40% in his Vitiligo on 10th April 2012. Repigmentation had started on both the spots. There were no new spots. His feedback was studied and further medicines were prescribed. He submitted his next follow up on 14th July 2012. There was 60-70% improvement in his Vitiligo. Both the spots on neck had reduced in size by 60-70%. He was advised to continue the treatment for complete recovery.

On 2nd August 2012, he was completely recovered from his Vitiligo. Both spots showed complete repigmentation. He was much satisfied with the treatment. He generously shared his experience at Life Force with other patients in the form of testimonial.

Uploaded by Dr. G.J. on 2 November 2012.

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