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A case of Vitiligo treated successfully along with homeopathy and timely counselling.

A child of 3 years was brought to the clinic by her parents on 17 February 2007. She was presented with the complaints of white spots. On examination, it was diagnosed as Vitiligo. She had hypopigmented spots around eyes and lips and the spots were present on both sides of the body. The spots involved the muco cutaneous junction.

She was treated in past by a local dermatologist with steroid based medicines, there was a positive response, the spots were showing repigmentation however the spots reappeared again.

The parents were anxious and brought the child to Life Force Center after reading about vitiligo on the website.

Her diet was mixed and she had craving for sour and sweet food, her appetite was average. Her thirst for water was less, her perspiration was average. Thermally she was chilly and her bowel and urine habits were normal.

Her milestones were normal.

She was in nursery, mother was a house wife, father had some canteen business. She was their first child and so they had high sense of attachment and duty towards her.

The parents were anxious as patient's father also had vitiligo, although it was mild in his case.

The patient had started attending nursery school and as a student she was shy in school, she took time to adjust to the school and her class mates. For many months she was very reluctant to go to school and threw crying spells just before going to school.

Her development in school was also average, as compared to other kids she was slow in learning and was not proactive in other co-curricular activities in school.

She was a shy child and her interaction with her other classmates was negligible.

Dr. Shah prescribed her a constitutional remedy along with some research based remedy. The parents were explained about the adverse effect of using steroids and the withdrawal effects caused due to stopping of steroids.

At 3 months follow up, on 31 may 2007 Baby M.R.S reported some increase in the spots, the spots around the eyes had spread in area, there were no new spots appearing. Her follow up was taken in details and they were explained about the withdrawal effects of steroids and the spread of spot was anticipated. They were asked to keep patience and allow some more time for the medicines to act.

At 6 months follow up, on 27 August 2007 Baby M.R.S reported improvement in her Vitiligo spots. The spread of the spots was under control, there were no new spots appearing.

At 9 months follow up, on 5 November 2007 Baby M.R.S reported good improvement in her Vitiligo, the eyelids spots were filling up well, there was repigmentation from the borders, there were no new spots appearing. The parents were relaxed now and had developed full faith in the treatment.

At 12 months follow up, on 16 February 2008 Baby M.R.S reported marked improvement in her vitiligo spots. The spots around the eyes and the lips were showing repigmentation. However there was a slight new spot appearing on the cheeks. The medicines were altered based on her feedback.

At 15 months follow up, on 23 May 2008 Baby M.R.S reported marked improvement in the spots around the eyes as well as the cheeks. The new spots around the cheeks were also filling up well. All the spots were showing appearance of the skin colour.

At 18 months follow up, on 18 august 2008 Baby M.R.S reported increase in the spots. The spots were increasing size, on detailed questioning the parents narrated a incidence in school where the patient was reprimanded by her class teacher. The parents and the child was counselled by Dr. Shah and based on this the medicines were altered by Dr. Shah.

At 22 months follow up, on 8 December 2008 Baby M.R.S reported good improvement. Her spots around the eyes, cheeks had filled up almost completely. The spots around lips were also showing significant change. There were no new spots. The child also showed some improvement in her behaviour, she was able to adjust to the school atmosphere. With this significant improvement they stopped the treatment.

Uploaded by Dr. Z.A. on 4 September 2012.

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