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Case Studies of Recurrent Boils-1

Mrs. R. G. (L-9541), 33 years old female came to the clinic to take treatment for recurrent pustular boils on thighs, abdomen, right thigh and chest with itching and leaving marks. She had a tendency to have such skin infection almost every two months, lasting for about two weeks. She would need a course of antibiotics for every such episode. However, the antibiotics would not help prevent it.

She was investigated for diabetes which was normal. Her white blood cells count would go very high (about 15000) with every instance of boils suggesting bacterial infection.

Other details about the patient:
Her appetite was normal. She was a vegetarian and had craving for spicy and sweets. She had profuse perspiration all over her body. She preferred winters. Her urine and bowel movements were normal. Her menses were regular. She had leucorrhea daily.

Though she had good sleep, she had dreams related to daily happenings, past events, she is stuck and none of her family members though present around her are unable to help her. She had gained 4 kg in a year. She had general feeling of lethargy.

There was no family history of any major illness. She was a house wife. Her husband was a cloth manufacturer. She had 2 daughters both studying, and father and mother in law stayed with her. She was short tempered and had an introvert personality. She had no major stress. She had a brooding tendency about past events. She used to spend most of her time lazing around, reading newspaper.

On the basis of these symptoms she was prescribed Natrum muriaticum and Silica 200c; along with another remedy that has been developed at Life Force for the treatment of boils and associated ailments. Within about three months she started showing improvement by having much less number of boils which lasted for about a week. In about four months of further treatment, she did not develop any episode of such boils.

Her treatment was continued for about six more months. She stopped getting any further skin infection.

Homeopathic approach to the treatment of boils:
Cases of skin boils which essentially result from lowered immunity, making one prone to catch bacterial infection, require medication which is more than just antibiotics. What is important it to correct the immune background enabling the system to have resistance to bacterial would outside the body.

Homeopathic medicines prescribed in this case just did that.

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