Case-6: Complete recovery in sinusitis with homeopathy treatment

Twenty-two years old Mr. R. S. (Patient Identification Number -13366) visited our clinic on 24th February 2010. He was suffering from sinusitis. He experienced heaviness of head. He also complained of recurrent cold and cough with nose obstruction. He complained of recurrence of such episodes twice a month that lasted for a week. He was taking conventional medication. His complaints increased due to dust, sun, traveling etc.

He had associated complaint of obesity. He weighed 100 kilograms, which was excessive as per his height. He was managing it with diet and regular exercise.

He was studying mechanical engineering in Karnataka. He resided in a hostel. His parents resided in Mumbai.

He had good appetite. He liked eating spicy and salty food. He also liked eating chocolates. He disliked sweets. His urine and bowel movements were normal. He preferred cold weather. He perspired excessively in summers all over his body.

He was reserved and introvert by nature. He was finding it difficult to adjust in hostel. He was talkative when he was at home with his parents.

His father was suffering from hyperlipidemia and diabetes mellitus and his mother was suffering from hypothyroidism and cervical spondylosis.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based medicines after studying his case in detail.

Patient reported on 6th April 2010 via telephone that he has good improvement. He had only one episode in last two months, which lasted for three to four days, and severity had reduced around 75%. He reported recurrence of symptoms in same severity on 27th May 2010. He had heaviness of head and cold and cough along with fever. He had to manage it with conventional medication.

He reported on 22nd of July 2010. He was around 50% better. His complaints recurred only once and he had to take conventional medication. He reported on 22nd September 2010.His condition was same. There were no acute episodes in 2011 so he discontinued the treatment as he was feeling better. It was advised to him to complete the course of treatment to avoid relapses.

His reported on 2nd March 2012 with relapse of his complaints. He had severe headache. His sinusitis had increased and he also had complaint of cold and cough for which he was taking conventional medication. Dr. Shah prescribed him accordingly.

He reported around 40% recovery on 21st May 2012. His complaints of sinusitis had started improving further. His headache’s severity had reduced around 50%. His recurrence of cold and cough had also reduced significantly.

He reported on 9th November 2012 with complete relief in his complaint of sinusitis and recurrent cold and cough. His mother was happy with his recovery.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 18th March 2014.

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