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Case-7: Frequency of cold and dependency on conventional medicines decreased with homeopathy

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Five years old boy A.S.D. (Patient Identification Number 21720), visited Life Force with his Parents on 27th September 2013. He had come with the complaints of Frequent Colds and Sinusitis.

Patient complained of frequent colds since one year. He had episodes of running nose almost once in two months and each episode would last for 8-10 days. During cold episodes he would present with symptoms of running nose, yellowish nasal discharge and occasional cough.

Two weeks ago patient had colds and along with that he developed swelling around the right eye. He had pain in right frontal sinus and was having fever in the range of 99-100 F. A CT scan was conducted for this swelling. His CT SCAN PNS with Orbit findings dated 18/9/2013 revealed: Extensive mucosal thickening involving the right maxillary sinus, obliterating the right maxillary ostium, right ethmoidal air cells, adjoining part of the nasal cavity, right fronto-ethmoidal recess, right half of the frontal sinus and posteriorly involving right half of the sphenoid sinus consistent with Sinusitis.

He was hospitalized and was given antibiotics which helped to reduce the swelling. However the treating doctor had said that it will take a while for the sinus to clear. They had given conventional medicines after discharge from hospital.

His parents then thought of consulting a homeopathic doctor for the residual Sinusitis and for preventing further such incidences. They visited Life Force and then his case details were obtained.

He was a fair and flabby child studying in Jr K.G. His appetite was good. He had a strong liking for curds. He could not tolerate heat in any form and would perspire easily. He would not like coverings at night. He was very obstinate, short-tempered and irritable by nature. He was a bit introvert and a pampered child. He loved swimming but would get tired easily. His Father was a Civil Engineer and Mother was a co-ordinator in the Health Department in municipal corporation. His mother had Gestational Diabetes and Underactive Thyroid. His father used to suffer from dust allergy.

After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Calcaria Iodum 30 along with research-based medicines for Frequent Colds and Sinusitis.

He reported at Life Force after six weeks on 1st Nov 2013 with almost 70% relief in Sinusitis. There was no pain or tenderness over the Sinuses. But he still had Colds daily with running nose. He had stopped all Allopathic treatment now and was only treated with Homeopathy.

Patient reported at Life Force again on 13th Dec 2013. His Sinusitis was 80% better but still had colds daily with mild intensity.

Patient reported on 10 March 2014, after a gap of 2 months. His Sinusitis was almost cured.

Colds and running nose complaints were also better but he had to take conventional medicine once during an acute episode. Dr. Shah made necessary changes in his prescription.

He reported at Life Force on 21st April 2014. His Sinusitis was 100% cured and his recurrent Colds complaints were 80% better with no yellowish discharge and no cough. His appetite and his energy levels had also increased.

His Parents were so happy with the treatment. His frequency of taking colds and his dependency on conventional medicines had decreased to a great extent. His parents were keen on continuing our medication for improving his immunity.

Thus with homeopathy we can treat the inherent tendency of Frequent Colds from the root level.

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