Case-1: I can write comfortably and my handwriting also improved

43 year old male, Mr. K. R. (Patient reference number L6812) reported to the clinic for complaints of difficulty in writing since last 19 years. He would not be able to hold things properly with his right hand and he would often drop things such as cups, plates, etc while handling them. He said that he would develop weakness in the right hand when he would hold the things with this hand. He also lacked proper grip in his right hand and he would develop tremors in the right arm when holding things. He had also become slow in writing and would have to write at a very slow speed in order for the writing to be legible. His handwriting had also changed over the last many years and he would often face problems in transactions with the bank due to changes in his signature. He would get very anxious when he would be told to write and his writing would become worse out of anxiety if someone would be watching him while he was writing. He would face more problems when writing finely and would be more comfortable in writing in capital letters. He had been diagnosed as having Writer's cramp and had not received any medication for this complaint.

He was a vegetarian with a normal appetite and liking for sweets and fried food. He was averse to spicy food and he had excessive thirst for water. His sweating would be scanty but it had an offensive odor to it. He was sensitive to cold climate in general and would be more comfortable in little warmer climate. His sleep would be sound with dreams of daily events.

He stayed with his wife and 2 sons. He was working as a mechanical inspector in a company. He described his nature as irritable and he would get angry if things would not function well. At such times he would shout at the concerned person and finish off the matter then and there. He said that initially he was very anxious when he had been diagnosed with this illness but gradually he had become more confident in handling things. He had aversion to crowded places and was also averse to noise in general. He was very particular about various things in general such as his work, things at home, children's work, etc.

There was no history of any major illness in his past. Amongst his family members, his father had Diabetes, Hypertension and Cerebro-vascular accident (CVA). His sister was asthmatic.

Based on the above history he was prescribed Causticum 200 along with another remedy that has been developed at Life force for the treatment of Writer's cramp and other conditions with similar pathology. Gradually he started noticing improvement in this writing over a period of time. The pain that he would get in his arm after writing for a few minutes slowly reduced considerably. The tremors of his right hand reduced and he would no longer awkwardly drop things from his hand anymore. He started feeling more comfortable in writing now and his handwriting also improved to some extent. His anxiety level also came down and he would not get as tensed as before when he was told to write. Overall he improved significantly with Homeopathic medicines and the progress of this condition was definitely stopped.

Remark:The remedy prescribed in these cases is patient-specific i.e. it has been prescribed based on the symptoms specific to the patient at that point of time. It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any self-medication.

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