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My Hypertrophic Lichen Planus has recovered under Dr. Shah’s medication in one year.

Mr. M. T. M. (Patient Identification Number - 3972) visited our clinic on 7th October, 2011 for his Lichen Planus. He had been suffering from this since last 10 years. The spots were on legs, back, abdomen and hands. They were itching. It has started to spread recently and rapidly. He had tried many treatments from various doctors in the past, but nothing could relieve him. He was currently applying steroid based creams and taking some oral tablets. On examination, he had many prominent elevated hypertrophic lesions on both lower legs. He also had smaller, new lesions on the wrist, low back, and abdomen.

He also complained of hair fall. They were categorized as male pattern baldness. He had applied many types of oils and shampoos but could not stop the further progress. There was no visible hair loss at present, but the hair had become scanty.

His appetite was average. He liked sweets. He was sensitive to warm temperature. He would perspire profusely. His sleep was refreshing.

He was a 30 years old businessman. He was working with his father. They were dealing in computer accessories. His mother was a housewife. He had 2 siblings; a brother and a sister.

He was disturbed and stressed few years back. He wanted to study further, but could not do so, as he was forced to join the family business. He was married to a girl whom he did not like. His father had arranged for an early marriage. There were lot of suppressed emotions of anger and frustration. He would feel sad and depressed due to this. This was the stress which he went through some 10 – 12 years back and the skin complaint had started.

His father was suffering from high blood pressure.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and was prescribed Silicea 30c 2 doses along with Thuja Occidentalis 30c and other research based medicines.

After 4 months of medication (23/1/12) – he reported with not much improvement. The skin spots had increased as the steroid creams were gradually being tapered. The itching was present. There were few new spots. The scaling did not find any relief. His case was reviewed and prescribed Lycopodium Clavatum 30c 2 doses along with the research based medicine.

He reported on 15th March 2012 with considerable improvement in Lichen Planus. The spread had stopped. The itching had reduced. The scaling was decreased. The application of steroid creams was totally stopped.

He reported on 18th June, 2012 with further improvement in his skin spots. The spots were healing with hyper pigmentation. The itching and scaling was further reduced. His case was reviewed and prescription upgraded.

He reported on 30th October, 2012 with almost 90% improvement. His spots were completely healed on the legs, hands, abdomen and chest. There was no itching or scaling. The hypertrophic lesions on both lower legs had also healed completely.

This was a very marvelous recovery as such chronic, hypertrophic lesions do take time. He had done better than our expectations and was obviously very happy about it. Dr Shah has suggested continuation of treatment for 4-6 more months, just for maintenance.

The accompanying photos will best illustrate the quality of recovery.

Uploaded by Dr. M. N. P. on 31 October 2012

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