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Case-1: Cancer pains effeciently tackled with Homeopathy

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This is the case of Mrs. A.S (Patient Ref. No. L-6511) a 41 years old female patient who reported to the clinic in January 2004. She was a known case of cancer of the uterus and she had undergone hysterectomy for the same. Later she had a relapse of cancer in the vulva for which she had received radiotherapy. She reported to the clinic about 2 months after receiving radiotherapy. She had complaints of severe burning and cutting pain in the thighs since the last 6 months. She would have the burning constantly, every day and it would get worse from exertion and at night.


She also had complaints of chronic constipation and acidity. Constipation would get better only with purgatives.


She had an average appetite with decreased thirst for water. She was fond of fish. Her sleep was sound but she would frequently get frightful dreams and dreams of her dead relatives.


She had marked anxiety about her health and had also become irritable since the past few months. She had marked fear of being alone; fear of ghosts and of darkness. She would also get frightened at the sight of dead bodies.


She did not have the history of any other illness in the past except for the cancer of the uterus. Her mother had hypertension and there was no history of any other illness in the family.


Based on the above history the patient was prescribed a remedy called Capsicum annum in the 200th potency along with another remedy called Carcinosin which would target her tendency to develop cancerous affection. In the subsequent follow-ups the remedy Capsicum was prescribed in ascending potencies and within 6 months of treatment, her pains had completely disappeared. She did extremely well with the treatment and was free from the pain which had not been relieved by any other kind of medication in the past.


This case illustrates how cancer pains can be efficiently tackled with homeopathy, even in those cases where other forms of treatment have failed. Homeopathy can even help to arrest the further progress of the illness by targeting the tendency to develop cancerous affections.


Remark: The remedy prescribed in these cases is patient-specific i.e. it has been prescribed based on the symptoms specific to the patient at that point in time. It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any self-medication.


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