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Case-3: General health post cancer improved with Homeopathy



Seventy-seven years old patient Mr J.J.U. (Patient Identification Number 15968) registered at Life Force on 2nd May 2011. He was diagnosed having prostate cancer. He was operated upon and the gland was surgically removed. The biopsy report stated Prostatic Carcinoma-Gleason grade (3+4) (20/4/2011) His PSA (prostate specific antigen) was very high: 54.33 (28/4/2011).

After the surgery, he had severe weakness and weight loss and intermittent fever.

The patient was suffering from an enlarged prostate since January 2011, however, he had not revealed his troubles to his son. He developed urine retention in January 2011 and was taken to the hospital, where he was investigated and operated upon. He was catheterized after developing urine retention.


He was also suffering from Diabetes and it was under good control.


They had now come for homeopathic treatment to possibly prevent a recurrence of cancer and treat the symptoms of weakness and recurrent fever and low appetite. The patient was finding it difficult to walk around the house due to weakness.


Mr J.J.U. Had retired from Dena Bank. He stayed with his son.


His daughter was married. His wife had expired nine years ago.


His son took care of him very well. The patient was a calm and cool, most of the time. Recently, he had become more anxious and off late he had become emotional and weepy.

Dr Shah examined all the details and prescribed Causticum 30 along with research-based medicines.

The patient reported on 11 June 2011. The weakness had reduced, appetite had increased, and the ankle swelling had also reduced. The patient was feeling more energetic.

Dr Shah continued the medicines.

Son reported again on 22 July 2011. Son was very thankful for the recovery in energy levels, weight gain, alertness. The patient could do all his work by himself. The ankle edema (swelling) had completely reduced.

Son was requesting Dr Shah for working on the bladder tone so that the catheter could be removed.

Dr Shah enhanced the potency and made necessary changes.

In subsequent follow up's the patient tried to remove the catheter, however, he faced difficulty.

The patient had gained weight. He was active and independent. He could travel without difficulty. His treatment was concluded on 2nd April 2013.

This case illustrates how health in general post-cancer could be improved with homeopathic medicines.

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