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Case-5: Homeopathy helped in regaining confidence and gave a sense of well-being.

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A 61 years old lady Mrs. C.M.S. (Patient Identification Number 10563) consulted Dr. Shah on 8 April 2008. She had pain in the abdomen and the ultra-sonography and CT Scan revealed Right Ovarian cancer. She was operated upon a few weeks ago and she was started on chemotherapy. She had completed two cycles of chemotherapy.

After chemotherapy, she was facing symptoms of severe weakness, nausea and vomiting, loose motions, loss of appetite, weight loss and hair falling.

Her case details were as follows.
She stayed with her husband and son.
Her son was married and was working in a bank.
She was an affectionate lady, her husband had retired and there was no obvious stress.

She was leading a normal life. She had abdominal pain and upon investigations, she was diagnosed to have cancer. Her family was very caring and supportive and she herself was very optimistic. She faced the surgery calmly, however, the chemotherapy upset her health.

Her son and husband had brought her for the treatment to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and to increase her appetite and give her relief in her symptoms so that she could undergo the remaining chemo cycles. They also wanted Homeopathic treatment to prevent the recurrences.

There was no family history of cancer.

Her biopsy revealed Endometroid papillary cystadenocarcinoma in the omentum. The left ovary was normal and there was evidence of metastatic deposits of adenocarcinoma in the omentum. Report was dated 30-1-2008

Her weight was low, 35 kg and her BP was low, 100/ 70 mm of hg.

Dr Shah examined her and prescribed Arsenicum Album 30 and other research-based remedies. Gradually the dose was stepped up as per requirement.

She could under go the remaining chemotherapy cycles with more comfort and fewer side effects.

Gradually she became stronger. Nausea and vomiting stopped. Her appetite increased. Hair fall gradually reduced. She again became energetic and the smile returned on her face.

In six months of treatment, she gained 5 kg weight.

She continued the treatment for around eight months.

They were very happy with the outcome. She could return to her daily activities and the positive benefit obtained by homeopathy made her regain her confidence and gave her a sense of well-being.


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