A documented case of HIV positive responded and CD4 count rise documented.

Mr. F.A. (PIN Number L-9994) was referred to Life Force by an NGO, supporting HIV patients. He is a 26 years young, lean, active gentleman. He was detected to be HIV Positive since 2005, i.e. since the last three years. He was suffering from frequent fevers and loose motions since the last one year. He had lost 7-8 kgs of weight in the last one year. There was severe weakness with heaviness in the chest on walking for short distance and on climbing upstairs. He was quiet good looking and liked being called as Shah Rukh Khan by friends and relatives. He was a stubborn person. If he wanted anything then that wish had to be fulfilled. He was very mixing, social and was the undisputed leader of his group of friends. He was known to have mood swings and had a superiority complex. He was at the center of pranks and mischief. He was disobedient and would steal money from his parents and was addicted to tobacco and beer at a young age. He moved onto Mumbai for job with his relatives and worked and spent all his earnings. He had a taste for rich food and luxury. He would visit hotels he could barely afford. In this fast life he contracted HIV due to multiple relationships. Being diagnosed as HIV positive was a turning point in his life. This fact came as a sudden shock to him. He became responsible. He left the vagabond life style. He says that death was face to face with him and he realized his mistakes. There was nothing left to live. There was no hope. But he realized his responsibilities towards his parents and started sending money for them. He had a good job in a textile business. He joined an NGO working for AIDS awareness and explained vulnerable masses about the potential dangers of this infectious disease. Slowly he was upgraded to a counselor in a VTCT center (Voluntary testing and counseling center). He came into contact with a lady who was also HIV positive and was working in a NGO for street children. They got married a year ago and are leading a happy life. He has not revealed about his problems to his parents, or family members. The patient consulted Dr Shah. He is on Dr Shah’s research based medicines for HIV. There is good improvement in his health. He is under regular treatment and monitoring since the last one and a half year. The frequent fevers and loose motions have reduced. He has gained a few kilograms of weight. He does not feel tired that often now and can work over 12-15 hours a day. His quality of life improved relatively. There is a good improvement in the CD4 count.

CD4 Reports


CD4 count

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29 May 07 565/cmm CD4 report 1
5 Oct 07 705/cmm CD4 report 2

There is a marked reduction in the viral load.
Viral load Reports

Viral load

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5 Jun 08 119,343 IU/ml Viral load 1
9 Oct 08 30,762 IU/ml Viral load 2
Favorable improvement in both parameters: The reduction in the viral load and the improvement in the CD 4 count, with weight gain and no recurrence in loose motions and fever speak of overall good improvement. His treatment is being followed up and Dr Shah expects further progress in his condition.
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