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33 years old lady with Hepatitis C. She had received blood transfusion & Interferon treatment for 6 months

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33 year old lady, Mrs. R. R. (Patient reference number: L8247) reported to us for the treatment of Hepatitis C. She had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C since about a year. On enquiring it was found that she had received blood transfusion about 6-7 years ago. Initially she had complaints of fever with chills that had lasted a few days. Later her complaints included loss of appetite and weakness. She also had some nausea but no vomiting. She did not have any abdominal pain but would constantly feel the abdomen to be distended due to gases. She also constantly felt aching pain all over her body. She had received Interferon treatment for 6 months and her viral load had gone below detectable limits with the same but within 4 months of stopping Interferon, her viral load again increased significantly to about 17,85,714 IU/ml. She had been advised to go in for another course of Interferon but she decided to opt for Homoeopathic treatment instead and at this time she approached us for her treatment.

She had a poor appetite when she reported to us but she was still fond of sweets. She had unsatisfactory stools and would pass stools about 4-5 times a day. Her menstrual cycles were regular and she had no complaints concerning the same. She had had 2 normal deliveries.

She was a housewife staying with her husband and her children (11 year old daughter and 9 year old son). She had a mild nature and would easily adjust with people around her. She would be stressed due to her health issues as well as about her children's studies. She enjoyed doing her housework as well as embroidering. She also described herself as being forgetful; she would often go to the market and forget what she had to buy, etc.

She had suffered from typhoid in the past, apart from this there was no history of any major illness in the past. Her father suffered from ischemic heart disease.
Her investigations before starting Homoeopathic treatment were as follows:

SGOT : 109
SGPT : 114
HCV RNA 17,85,714 IU/ml

She was prescribed medicines for Hepatitis C based on her detailed history. She reported to us a month later and at this time she was completely free from the nausea that she had suffered from in the past. Her complaints of abdominal distension were also much better than before. Her bodyache and fever had also improved significantly. Her treatment was continued on similar lines. About 4 months after starting Homoeopathic treatment, her viral load was checked again and this time it had significantly reduced. Her reading of HCV RNA this time was 11,69,010 IU/ml. She was glad that she did not have to go for another course of Interferon and yet her viral load had decreased so significantly. Another 6 months later, her viral load had decreased further and had come down to 2,23,656 IU/ml. She was informed that the treatment for Hepatitis C will have to be continued for long to see further improvement since these kinds of cases tend to run a chronic course.

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