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A 21 years old female patient, She was on continuous laxatives for last 3 months. She also had a family history of Piles. Her maternal grandmother was suffering from Piles.

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A 21 years old female patient Miss. S.K (Patient Identification Number 16518) visited Life Force on 22nd July 2011 for the complaint of Constipation. She was suffering from Constipation since the last 6 months. She had severe constipation; she would have very hard stools, which required a lot of straining. She would get pinching pain in the rectum while defecating. The pain would last for several hours after defecation. The frequency of her complaints was almost twice in a week. Her complaints would get worse after spicy food and non veg. food. She was on continuous laxatives for last 3 months. She also had a family history of Piles. Her maternal grandmother was suffering from Piles. Her appetite was good with strong liking for sweets specially chocolates and chicken. Perspiration, thirst and micturation were normal. Sleep was sound Miss. S.K was a final year electronic engineering student. She was sensitive by nature, she would get hurt easily. She would never like to share her feelings with others. She would get nervous before exams. There was lot of anxiety about the future. Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed research based homeopathic medicines. In the first two months, the frequency of her complaints was the same. The pinching pain in rectum had reduced by almost 30-40%. The stools were still hard and required straining. She had to take laxatives daily. Considering her feedback, the next course of medicines was given. In next two months, the intensity and frequency of her complaints had reduced. She would get constipation once or twice in a month. She would get pinching pain only for five to ten minutes after defecation. In those two months, she took laxatives only once or twice. With five to six months of regular homeopathic treatment, she was completely relieved of her constipation. She could stop the laxatives. This was a great relief for her.

( Uploaded on 16th Nov 2011 by Dr. Gauri Joshi)

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