This case reflects a very quick and effective Homeopathic treatment in a 11 year old boy suffering from stress induced laryngeal cough

Patient Identification Number 19480, Mst R.K.M, a obese child visited the clinic with a bad coughing spell. His complaints had started 8 months back. He would have continuous episode of cough which continued for 2-3 months and he was not responding to antibiotics or any other treatment. He was diagnosed as a case of laryngeal cough. His present episode was triggered 4 days back and he was continuously coughing. He had bad cough which was dry and had a barking sound. His mother mentioned him under going some stress at the school. Mst R.K.M was put in a international school, the school culture and the standard was very good. The child had started going to school, but he would not feel very comfortable in the school. He could not cope up with the school pressure and the study pattern. Initially he would find excuses to escape from going to the school. The pressure increased further as in class he would be constantly compared with others who were much better in studies and other activities. He began with mild cough, then the cough was so severe that he would get long spells of coughing which lead to long absenteeism in the school. The absenteeism increased to such an extent that finally his parents decided to change his school and he was put in a government school. They had taken opinion from a local physician and started with antibiotics but the child was not responding to any form of treatment. The change in school did help in reducing the cough but the spells of cough would still come back again. The child could still not forget the bad memories in the last school. At this stage they read about Life Force and about Dr. Shah and approached our clinic. His case was taken in details. He was a vegetarian and his appetite was excess and he had a strong liking for junk food. His thirst was reduced and he could not take much water, with the cough his thirst for water had reduced further. His sweating was excess. His urine and bowel habits were normal. Thermally he was hot and could not tolerate excess of heat in any way. He was studying in 9th standard, he had a older sister studying in 12 th standard. His mother was a house wife and his father was working as a purchase manager in a tyre company. On asking further details, the mother mentioned that Mst R.K.M was very lazy by nature. He would not like any kind of physical exertion which was also one of the causes of him being over weight. He was average in studies. He had very few friends and in class would shy away from making friends as he was constantly teased about his weight issues. In such a situation going to school was a painful event. He visited the clinic on 18 July 2012, based on his medical details Dr. Shah prescribed him some research based medicines. On 1 August 2012, Mst R.K.M visited the clinic again with his mother and he reported his cough is much better, the spells of coughing had reduced. He was asked to continue with the same medicines. At 2 months follow up on 12 September 2012, Mst R.K.M reported very good improvement in his cough. His spells of cough had stopped completely. His parents were also very happy to see such quick and effective treatment. Considering the nature of the disease condition, he is still continuing the treatment. Uploaded by Dr. Z.A. on 29 September 2012.
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