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A case of Non Thrombocytic Idiopathic Purpura successfully treated with Dr. Shah’s medication.

74 years aged spinster K. C. (Patient Identification Number - 11924) visited Life-Force on 20th March 2009.

She was diagnosed with Non Thrombocytic Idiopathic Purpura 2 years ago. She would suffer from thin watery diarrhea 12 – 15 times a day which would last for 2 – 3 days. This would be followed by generalized swelling of the body. The swelling would make it difficult for her to open her eyes or stand on her feet. There would be body ache, weakness and petechia on legs. The legs would be covered by blackish marks. This would remain for 10 – 12 days and subside with the help of steroids only. This episode would come 2 times in a year. She had noted these episodes being triggered by intake of cashew nuts, shell fish and cold drinks. She was currently having an episode (since 8 days) of purpura and generalsied swelling. She was taking anti allergic and was partly better with it. Her last report of platelet count was normal which was done last year.

She was suffering from high blood pressure since 8 years which was well under control with convetional medicines.

She had vitiligo on left side of face which was stable since 5 years.

Her appetite was average. She had intense craving for sugar and sweets. Her thirst was excessive. She would not perspire easily. She was sensitive to cold weather. Her sleep was disturbed since past few months.

She had attained menopause many years ago.

She was now enjoying her retired life. She was employed in the Central Railways before retirement. She could not find the right match for her to get married and hence remained single. She was staying with her sister who hadn’t married as well.

She was mixing, friendly and straight forward by nature. She was stubborn and expresses her anger forthrightly.

She had history of diarrhea and slip disc.

Her father suffered from diabetes, while her sister was suffering from bladder cancer.

Dr. Shah advised her to get the platelet count checked. He prescribed her Phosphorus 200c and Carcinosin 200c along with a research based medicine after a detailed case analysis.

She reported considerable improvement in her complaints on 27th April. This episode was well managed with timely administered homeopathic medicines and she did not require taking steroids. Her platelets count was normal. There was no rash, body ache or weakness.

After 3 months of medication she reported on 11th June. She had developed few purpuric spots on thighs since 3 – 4 days. She did not get diarrhea, itching or swelling in this episode. She complained of severe back pain and leg pain since last 1 week. Her case was reviewed and the prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah.

On 19th September she reported improvement in her complaints. Her vitiligo had mildly started to spread. There was appearance of new spot on nose. Her leg pain and back pain were better. Dr. Shah added few medicines for her vitiligo to the existing prescription.

When she visited on 4th December for her follow up, she had been suffering from purpura since 2 days. She also suffered from diarrhea 2 days ago which was better as compared to previous episodes. Her weakness and body pain had started again but the intensity of her complaints was better then before. She was prescribed Ferrum Phosphoricum 200c 2 doses along with few other medicines.

She had an episode of purpura in January 2010 which was treated with a short course of steroids. In May 2010 she reported with considerable improvement in her idiopathic non thrombocytic purpura. She did not get any episode in past 4 months. Vitiligo was under control, the spread had stopped. Dr. Shah reviewed her case and her prescription was up graded.

She reported on 17th December 2010 with further improvement in her purpura. Her back pain and leg pain were also better. Vitiligo also found improvement. There was a mild episode of diarrhea since 4 – 5 days which was under control with homeopathic medicines.

She was symptom free for next 9 months. She had an episode in September 2011 which was severe and required complete bed rest. She took conventional medicines along with homeopathic medicines for this episode and was effectively treated. The case was reviewed from time to time by Dr. Shah and her prescription was up graded.

She did not get a single episode in last 1 year. She visited on 4th September to report for the follow up. This was the first time since she was diagnosed with this that she did not get any episode for a complete year. The leg pain and back pain were also better. Her vitiligo had also improved by 50%. She was happy to be symptom free for a long time.

She last visited the center on 3 January with a new patient. Since the last 2 years , she has not got a relapse in her purpura. Her neice who is a anaesthetist, had accompanied her. She thanked Dr Shah for the wonderful recovery. She said that her aunty's treatment has made her realize the potential of Homeopathy.

Uploaded on 4/4/13 by Dr. M.N.P

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