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Case of Genital Herpes in a lady responded to Dr Shah's homeopathy treatment in less than a year

Thirty five years old home maker Mrs. S. (Patient Identification Number – 20869) started with the treatment on 25th March 2013. Her husband reported her case details. Since 1-2 years she was experiencing burning sensation and dryness in her genitals. Her complaints recurred 3 days before and after her menstrual cycle. She complained of occasional itching in her genitals. She had no boils or eruptions. As her husband had herpes so the doctors recommended her for investigations which turned out to be positive. She stated that she felt heat like sensation throughout her body. Her herpes was confirmed by a suitable blood test at Life Force, before we starting homeopathic treatment. The blood tests confirmed that she too was suffering from genital herpes. HSV 1 and 2, IgG : 4.4 (dated 4-2-13) Mr. P. was taking the treatment for Herpes at Life Force. She was also suffering from pharyngitis since 4-5 years. She had symptoms like throat irritation and dry cough. These episodes recurred every 3 days and lasted for about a day or two. Her complaints got aggravated with cold weather and draft of air. She used to eat mixed food. She had good appetite. Her thirst, urine, bowel movements were normal. Her sleep was sound. She perspired profusely. She used to teach 40-50 students at her residence as private tutions. Earlier she was a working as a teacher in her village. Her family consisted of her husband and two children; a son and a daughter. Husband stated that she had become irritable due to her complaints. Dr. Shah prescribed research based medicines after studying her case in detail. Patient’s husband reported on 11th June 2013 with not much improvement. All her complaints were same. Dr. Shah enhanced her medicine prescription. Patient’s husband reported on 22nd August 2013. Her burning sensation while passing urine was same. She still had episodes of pharyngitis. She was feeling better in her heat like sensation throughout her body. Patient’s husband reported on 25th October 2013. She had mild improvement in her burning sensation while passing urine. The episode of pharyngitis had reduced from once in 3 days to once a week. The heat sensation had further reduced. Patient’s husband reported on 8th January 2014. Her burning sensation and itching in her genitals had reduced around 75%. She was feeling relieved and her sensation of heat throughout her body was relieved around 50%. Her episodes of pharyngitis had reduced to once in 7-10 days and they were more than 75% decreased in intensity. She is still continuing her treatment for further recovery. (Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 20th January 2014.)
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