Amazing powers of homeopathy cures Molluscum Contagiosum in four months!

Here is a case of Mr. A. H. U, twenty six years old, (Patient Identification Number: 22713), who reported to LifeForce on 2nd May 2014 with a complaint of tiny eruptions on face since past six months. It was diagnosed as “molluscum contagiosum” after a thorough examination at LifeForce clinic. He suffered from small mustard seed sized eruptions, about seven to eight in number, located especially on his face, more so on the beard area. The complaint used to get worse after shaving. The number of eruptions kept fluctuating but he was never totally free from them in the past six months. He did not have pain or itching on the affected part. He had applied an ayurvedic cream for three months but he had stopped using it since past one month as it was not giving any relief. He had also taken some conventional treatment for a period of one month in the past but with no significant relief. Along with this, he also complained of allergic sneezing since five years. He was allergic to dust. Sneezing was triggered by smell of cooking food, lack of sleep, or when exposed to draft of air conditioner. The episode of allergy was quite frequent, occurring at least once in a week. He was using steroid nasal drops infrequently since past one month. On examining him, it was observed that his tonsils and nasal turbinates were swollen. He had a vegetarian diet with an average appetite. He didn’t have any specific likes or dislikes related to food. He was a chronic smoker. His perspiration was average and generalized. He was more sensitive to heat. He had no problems in bowels, urination or sleep. He was a businessman by profession, a co-owner of a bus agency. He was unmarried and living with his parents and brother. In his family, his paternal grandmother had diabetes mellitus. His father was suffering from hypertension and mother was having under active thyroid. He had not suffered from any major illness in the past. He was a calm and optimistic person. He used to control his anger by letting things go. He was image conscious as well. He was a family oriented man and shared a good inter personal relationship with his parents and brother. Dr. Shah explained him regarding the virulent origin of the disease and the necessary precautionary measures to be taken. After a detailed analysis of the case, Dr.Shah prescribed Thuja Occidentalis 30c along with the research based medicine for six weeks. In the first follow up, which was on 23rd June 2014, he informed that the number of eruptions had reduced. There were two eruptions on his left cheek, one on his chin and one on his beard area. His right cheek was clear. There were two new eruptions on his nose. The recurrence of new eruptions continued. He was not better in his allergic complaints as he was working in a garage, amidst old files and dust. The prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah and medicines were given for six weeks. He visited clinic for the next follow up on 19th August 2014. He noticed a considerable improvement in his complaint. There was just one molluscum left on the left cheek. Rest all eruptions had subsided with just the hyperpigmented spots left. No new bumps had erupted in last two months. His allergy complaints were unchanged. A change was made in the dose and medicines were given for six weeks. He visited LifeForce on 24th November 2014, four months after his previous follow up. His complaint of molluscum contagiosum was completely better and there was no new eruption noticed anywhere on the body. His face was clear and even the hyperpigmented marks had faded. He now wanted treatment for allergic rhinitis as he had no relief even after undergoing a minor surgery of nasal septum. CONCLUSION : Rightly chosen homeopathic medicines can efficiently treat molluscum contagiosum by stimulating the immune system so that virus is unable to multiply and thereby the chronicity and recurrence is taken care of.
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