"My voice is back now!!"... A case of vocal cord nodule successfully treated with homeopathy

Forty two year old male, Mr. S. M. (Patient Identification Number: 22792) visited LifeForce, on 17th May 2014 for his complaint of vocal cord nodule. His complaints started in 2013 with hoarseness of voice. He had taken oral steroids for five days and felt better. His complaint recurred in March 2014. His voice became hoarse with occasional loss of voice. He would not be able to speak continuously for more than fifteen minutes. Speaking continuously would cause strain and voice would get more hoarse. Laryngoscopy done on 2nd May 2014 revealed polyp of left vocal cord, three millimeters in diameter. The polyp was pendunculated. He was taking conventional medicines but could not find any relief. He was advised to get the nodule removed through surgery. He found out about LifeForce through internet as an alternative and safe mode of treatment. He immediately fixed an appointment with Dr Shah and visited us. He wanted to avoid surgery and therefore reached for our help. He had history of recurrent tonsillitis since childhood and was operated for thyroglossal cyst in 2010. His father had diabetes and mother had ischemic heart disease. He would prefer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. He had craving for sweets. She had an average appetite and adequate thirst. He would perspire profusely all over the body. He was sensitive to warm temperature. He was into administration in shipping. His wife was a homemaker. He had one daughter and one three year old son. He was very affectionate person. He was very attached to his family. Though he was on ship, he would always worry about his children. With all these case details, his case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and he prescribed his research based medicines along with constitutional medicine. With two months of treatment on 16th July 2014, he reported seventy five percent improvement in hoarseness of voice. He could talk for more than an hour without clearing his throat as there was not much strain. He stopped the conventional medicines since he started treatment with us. After reviewing his feedback Dr. Shah prescribed him further medicines. On 27th October 2014 after four months of treatment he reported for follow-up. His hoarseness had made further improvement. His quality of voice had improved. He would talk for one to two hour without any strain. He was happy with the improvement. With this feedback Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription further. On 28th March 2015 he visited clinic for follow up and reported eighty percent improvement in hoarseness of voice. There was no strain while talking. After reviewing his feedback Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines. With further two months of treatment on 1st June 2015 he reported ninety-five percent recovery form hoarseness of voice. There was only mild irritation in the throat. He could talk for two to three hours without any strain. He would clear his throat very occasionally to avoid strain. He was very much satisfied and happy with result achieved. He continued with the medicines to achieve complete relief in vocal cord nodule. Voice being significant part of the personality of an individual, no one would like to suffer with permanent hoarseness or loss of voice. Vocal cord nodule causes a progressive decrease in voice quality. Homeopathic medicines not only improve the quality of voice and make the person free from hoarseness, but it also helps to avoid recurrence of the vocal cord nodule. (Uploaded on 4th October 2015 by Dr.A.P.H.)
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