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IT manager finds complete relief in 10 year’s long-standing complaints of fissure-in-ano at Life Force

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Forty-one year old, Mr. S.P (Patient Identification No: 13346), visited Life Force clinic on 20th February 2010 with the complaints of fissure-in-ano. He started suffering with fissure-in-ano around ten years back. He also mentioned that he started suffering with this complaint in his twenties as he used to have outside food. Due to fissure-in-ano

he would get intense burning sensation in rectum and anus. This burning sensation would last till evening & would gradually reduce as the day would pass. Because of the swollen feeling and burning sensation after stools he would find sitting uncomfortable. A year before visiting Life Force clinic, he was not taking any other treatment. Before that he had taken allopathic, Ayurvedic as well as homeopathic treatment for the same complaint.

he also had complaints of flatulence i.e. gases. He also mentioned that he used to get complaints of acidity in past which would get better after taking proper meals. As a part of dietary habits he would have both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. His appetite and thirst both were normal. He didn’t exhibit special liking towards any particular food type or food item. He had strong disliking towards sour food. He would get average perspiration. He was equally tolerant of both hot and cold weather. He didn’t have any other problem related to bowel and urinary habits.

Remarkable factor in his physical constitution was that he was a lean person. His lean body structure was bordering on emaciation.He was working as a Manager in IT industry. His wife was a homemaker and he had a son studying in third grade. His mother had passed away and his father was in Chennai. He shared good relationship with everyone in his family and there had been no major stressful events in his life till now.

His mother suffered with renal failure and hypertension. He himself didn’t suffer with any of the major illnesses in the past. During his case taking he told that he would be anxious till he is under any work related responsibility. After that he would be happy and free. He would be anxious and nervous if his son would get any health complaints like fever. He didn’t have any major stresses in his life.Dr Shah studied his case in details and a homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica 200 was prescribed for him.

After 3 weeks, he reported back for his first follow up on 6th March 2010. During his visit he acknowledged to have achieved around fifty percent improvement. There was around fifty percent relief in all his symptoms such as burning and pricking pain and swelling in anal region.

He then reported on 29th May 2010 for his second follow up. During this visit he reported to have obtained around ninety percent improvement in complaints of fissure-in-ano. During this visit he reported to have complaints of constipation and that he experienced mild burning and pricking pain along with itching in anal region since last two to three days. His prescription was rectified accordingly.

He then continued to take the treatment with further improvement. During his follow up on 3rd July 2010 there was overall improvement of seventy percent in complaints of fissure-in-ano as well as constipation. All the complaints pertaining to fissure-in-ano like burning and pricking pain in anal region was relieved by seventy percent.He continued to take treatment to obtain continuous relief in his complaints. During his follow up on 4th December 2010 he again reported that he had obtained seventy percent relief in his complaints

During his last follow-up on 30th April, he mentioned that he was totally relieved from burning and  pricking sensation and  swelling in the anal region. The had obtained complete relief in complaints of fissure-in-ano in just 1 year’s treatment.

This case highlights the effectiveness of homeopathy in chronic and long-standing diseases. Contrary to traditional myth that homeopathy takes years to cure chronic complaints, this case proves that a correct and appropriate prescription can cure 10 year’s long standing chronic complaints in a very short time period of merely 1 year.

Case study by Dr Mugdha Patil.

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