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Case-4: Piles of 15 years recovered successfully with homeopathy

Seventy two years old male, Mr. V.B. (Patient Identification Number: 10370) visited Life Force clinic for his complaints of piles on 8th February 2008.

His complaints started in 1993. He would experience painless bleeding from rectum after passing stools. Bleeding used to be bright red and frank in nature. He would experience it once or twice in a month. Each episode lasted two to three days. He tried different modes of treatment with no relief in frequency or intensity of his complaints. In January 2008, complaints became severe and bleeding episodes occurred daily with no response to any treatment. He would experience fresh bleeding three to four ml each time he passed stool. There was no history of constipation. He would take syrup cremaffin daily and apply anorate cream before passing stools. On examination it was confirmed as prolapsed external piles. He was introduced to Life Force by his daughter.

He preferred both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. He had an average appetite and adequate thirst. He would perspire moderately and was sensitive to cold temperature. His bowel habit was normal. He had no history of constipation or straining during stools.

He was assistant manager in a Government run industry. His wife worked in the same profession. He had two daughters, both were working. He was highly irritable by nature. He would get angry easily. His anxiety levels were high and he worried a lot about his family.

With this history Dr. Shah analyzed the case and prescribed his research based medicines along with constitutional medicine for him.
On 20th June 2008, he happily reported significant relief in his complaints. He would experience episodes of bleeding once or twice in a week but in fifty percent lesser intensity. The episodes would last for only one day. There was no pain while passing stools. After reviewing the feedback Dr. Shah upgraded his prescription.

With further six months of treatment, he reported on 29th December 2008 for his follow-up. He had achieved further improvement and was better by seventy percent in his complaints. He would experience bleeding from rectum once in fifteen days. Amount of bleeding while passing stools was very minimal. On examination there was no prolapse or any trace of swelling around the rectum. Dr. Shah prescribed him further medicines.

On 21st July 2009, he reported about his progressive recovery. He reported bleeding from rectum while passing stools twice in four months, which would last for only for a day with very lesser intensity. He was free from pain. After reviewing the feedback Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription.

With six months of further treatment, he reported on 6th January 2011 for follow-up. He reported occasional bleeding along with stools. The frequency as well as the amount of bleeding was much ninety five percent lesser after the treatment. The complaints bothered him the least now. He was contented with his recovery which he thought was difficult to achieve.

He continued the treatment till March 2011 until he got complete recovery from piles. Homeopathic medicines helped him to reduce his dependency on cremaffin syrup. He was very happy with the treatment at Life Force as he was free from his 15 years old complaint of piles.

This case highlights the swift recovery that homeopathy can achieve and the difference it can make in an individual’s life. Although the disease was fifteen years old, a well-delivered homeopathic treatment could efficiently rid the patient of his complaints and bring significant relief.

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