Antihistamine dependent recurrent urticaria effectively treated with the help of homeopathy

Thirty eight-year-old female, Mrs. A.B. (Patient Identification Number: 14908) visited Life Force on 1st October 2011 for her complaints of urticaria.

Her complaints started in 1994 with urticarial rash for which she took allopathic treatment for a year. Her complaints again reappeared in 2003 for which again she preferred the conventional mode of treatment. Complaints would reoccur very frequently after any stress in her life. Since May 2011 she would experience hives all over the body on daily basis. She would also experience moderate to severe itching. During every episode of urticaria she would get swelling around her eyes. Irritation of the throat and coughing would be marked symptoms along with each episode of urticaria. She would take tablet Allegra (180 mg) twice or thrice in a day almost daily for the above complaints.

She was a vegetarian and was fond of sweets. She had an average appetite and adequate thirst. She would perspire moderately mostly on her palms and soles and be sensitive to cold temperature.

She was working as a consultant with oil and natural gas company. Her husband was a banker and she had one month old son . She was very short-tempered. She would get angry very quickly on trivial issues. She was ambitious about her career. Major stress in her life was a gap in her career due to her kid. She would feel frustrated due to that. With all these case details, her case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and he prescribed his research-based medicines along with Sepia 30.

Within four months of treatment on 13th January 2011, she reported significant improvement in an urticarial rash. Her itching was mildly present. Swelling around the eyes was also reduced by ninety-five percent. She tapered her dose of tablet Allegra (180 mg) to half tablet once in a day. Earlier she took three tablets in a day. After reviewing her feedback Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines.

On 24th February 2011, with further two months of treatment, she reported nearly ninety-eight percent improvement in her urticaria. No episode of hives was noticed for more than a month. She could manage her occasional itching with tablet Allegra half tablet once in two to three days. There was no swelling around her eyes. She was free from symptoms of irritation in throat and coughing. Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription further for her.

She was absolutely free from urticaria till four years thereafter. She again visited the Life Force clinic on 13th May 2015 for her complaints of urticaria which was very mild in intensity and the cause this time was stress related to family issues. She would experience urticarial rash (hives) occasionally on her body with minimal itching. She would experience it daily for which she took tablet Allegra half tablet once a day. The case was again analyzed by Dr. Shah and he prescribed his research-based medicines.

After four months of treatment on 27th July 2015, she reported seventy to eighty percent improvement in her complaints. She would experience episodes of urticaria once or twice a week.
She was highly satisfied with the results achieved. She continued with the treatment and was very happy as she could get rid of her dependency on tablet Allegra. Homeopathic medicines not only helped her in her urticaria but also helped her to improve her quality of life.

This case highlights the efficiency of homeopathy to tackle recurring diseases. Certain diseases have the tendency to reoccur some years later even if they have been totally relieved by homeopathy. But the disease returns with lesser intensity and the patient gets complete recovery much more easily and quickly if the disease has been first treated by homeopathy.

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