Case-1: Nine-month-old baby finds relief in recurrent cold and cough with Homeopathy

Master A.P.K. (Patient Identification Number: 23662) a nine-month-old baby was suffering from recurrent cold and cough since three months. His parents had brought him to Dr Shah on 20th September 2014. Baby A.P.K. would be down with a cold once every two weeks and the cold usually lasted for two to three days. During the acute attack he suffered from sneezing five to ten times in a day with whitish discharge from the nose. His nose would get stuffy which made the child constantly rub his nose. He also snored a lot during this attack. He would get cough with thick yellowish white phlegm. He would also get sore throat and have difficulty in swallowing. His complaints would increase in the cold climate and with weather change. He would feel better by warmth. He had taken paracetamol syrup and homeopathy medicines in last week.

His family history revealed that his father suffered from recurrent tonsillitis and his maternal aunt suffered from asthma.

Since three to four days he got eruptions of molluscum contagiosum on his neck, back, left elbow, right elbow, both knees, buttocks and feet. There was scab formation on the eruptions on his left elbow. The eruptions were round, multiple in numbers and rapidly spreading over his hands and wrist joints.

His appetite was average and he preferred non-vegetarian diet. He had an average thirst with profuse perspiration on forehead and back. He could not bear heat and did not like to be covered while sleeping. He passed stools twice a day.

Baby A.P.K’s birth weight was 2.8 kg and milestones were normal. He tried to stand with support and had started sitting since three to four days. He was breastfed along with food. His sleep was sound. He would get disturbed at the slightest noise.

His father was working as regional manager in a reputed bank and his mother was assistant manager in another national bank. His grandfather worked in BMC and grandmother was house wife.
Based on detailed case history, he was prescribed Calcarea carbonicum 30c along with Dr Shah’s research based medicines.

Baby A.P.K. came for the follow-up after six weeks on 4th November 2014. Frequent colds had reduced by ten to fifteen percent. One episode had occurred but was self limiting. Molluscum contagiosum was better by ninety to ninety five percent. It had increased since one week on left hand and face. 

He visited on 17th December 2014 for his next follow-up. His parents reported that his frequent cold was better except for one acute episode in last week, for which he had taken paracetamol syrup. Nose block was still present due to which he would get up at night. Molluscum contagiosum was better by ninety five percent. 

On 7th March 2015, he came with his parents. He had suffered from high fever (104 degrees) with cold and cough fifteen days back. He suffered with febrile convulsion for two minutes. There was upward rolling of eyeballs with general tonic-clonic convulsions. There was frothing at the mouth as well. He was treated with allopathic medicine. He had got one episode of frequent cold one week back but was better now. Nose block was ten to fifteen percent better but the child would still get up at night. Molluscum contagiosum had disappeared completely. Dr Shah prescribed Tuberculinum 1M one dose, Calcarea carbonicum 200c two doses and his research based medicines.

This case-study highlights the role of homeopathy in pediatric cases. Due to their unique mode of preparation, homeopathic medicines are absolutely safe to be given to all age groups – old as well as new born. Like Baby A.P.K. who was treated when he was nine months old, children can be safely given homeopathic medicines without any side effects.

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