Anxiety & Its Associated Complaints Of A School Teacher Were Relieved With Homeopathy

A 44-years-old resident of Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Mrs. M.D. (PIN 23718) visited Life Force on 10th October 2014. For the past four months, Mrs. M.D. was suffering from an anxiety disorder. She would feel very restless, anxious, and apprehensive. Her mood swings had increased recently, probably as she was nearing menopause. Being in elevators and crowded places caused her to feel suffocated. She also tended to constantly think about irrelevant, mostly negative things. These complaints would turn better when she would go out in the open air.

She also had other complaints like cervical spondylitis for four years, hyperacidity for four to five months, and hair fall for a year. An MRI of the cervical spine done in 2013 revealed osteophytic changes at the C3-C4 level and C4-C5 level. She also suffered from hyperthyroidism for the last four years.

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Mrs. M.D. was a vegetarian with an average appetite. She craved salt and had aversion to sweets. She was intolerant of the heat. There were no complaints with regards to her sleep, perspiration, bowel movements, or urination. She had a regular menstrual cycle with complaints of palpitations, restlessness, and abdominal pain before her menses. She had an 18-years-old son.

She was a primary school teacher. Her husband was a finance executive. She stayed with her husband and son. 

Her mother suffered from acidity and high blood pressure. Her uncle and paternal grandmother had vitiligo, while her brother suffered from arthritis.
She had not suffered from any major illnesses in the past. 

She was a lady who was obsessed with cleanliness and keeping things in order. She was short-tempered and expressed her anger by shouting. She had fear of being alone, going into crowded places and elevators. She was emotional, used to turn sensitive after listening to sad news, and gave a lot of thought even to trivial irrelevant things.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed Kali Carbonicum 30c along with his research-based medicines for anxiety and cervical spondylitis. 

Six weeks later, when she visited Life Force on 26th November 2014, her anxiety was better controlled and was improved by 50%. Her cervical spondylitis pain and stiffness had reduced by 50%. Her acidity was also 50% better.

Another month and a half later, she visited on 8th January 2015 to report that her anxiety was 70% better. Her acidity as well as neck pain had been much better but had been slightly troublesome for the last three days.

She visited Dr. Shah after six weeks on 26th February 2015. Her anxiety was much better by 90%. Her acidity had improved by 95%. Her shoulders would still pain on and off from cervical spondylitis, but there was a further 30% to 40% improvement. 


Like Mrs. M.D., many patients respond very well to the homeopathic treatment for complaints that are aggravated by stress. Homeopathy helps gain better control over their anxiety and the physical complaints which are related to stress, such as acidity in Mrs. M.D.’s case. 

(Written by Dr. Amrita S, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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