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Case-4: Rare Hailey Hailey disease found more than eighty percent improvement with Homeopathy

Mr. V.K., a twenty eight-year-old resident of Navi Mumbai (Patient Identification Number: 23137) sought treatment at Life Force on 14th July 2014. Mr. V.K. had been diagnosed with Hailey Hailey disease eight years ago. Hailey Hailey disease is a rare hereditary disease in which there is blister and erosion formation. Mr. V.K. had 3 cm x 4 cm patches with scaling and erosions on his neck, underarms, inner thighs and in the depression at the back of his knees. These patches itched and burned tremendously especially in the rainy season. The histopathological report done had confirmed the diagnosis. He had been taking tablet cetrizine twice every day. Hailey Hailey disease tends to run in the family. He had also been taking some other tablets in the past, the content of which was not known. It was unclear whether those medications were steroid based medicines or not. 

Mr. V. K.’s paternal grandmother and uncle also suffered from this disease. 

He was a non vegetarian with an average appetite. Mr. V.K. had an excessive thirst for water. He tended to perspire profusely and his perspiration stained his clothes and was also offensive. Equally tolerant to both hot and cold temperatures, he had no troubles with his sleep, bowel movements or urination.

Mr. V. K. was an IT software developer with a major computer firm. His father was a postman and his mother and wife were home makers. 

Apart from Hailey Hailey disease which ran in his family, his family did not suffer from any other major illnesses. 

Mr. V. K. was calm, gentle but confident. He had cordial relations with his parents. The only major stress that he had was his anxiety related to his disease.

Dr Shah studied Mr. V.K.’s case in detail and prescribed the homeopathic remedy Psorinum 30c in addition to his research based medicines. 

Three weeks later on 6th August 2015, Mr. V.K. visited Dr. Shah’s clinic and reported that his itching and burning had increased. While there were no new patches, the flaking of the existing spots had increased. His prescription was revised by Dr. Shah as per the feedback. 

Another three weeks later, Mr. V.K. reported on 27th August that the patches on his neck had reduced now by seventy percent. The patches on his inner thighs had also decreased by twenty five percent while the redness in the patch in his underarms had decreased significantly.

Three months later, when Mr. V.K. reported for a follow up on 18th November 2014, his disease was overall fifty percent better. The patches on his neck were seventy percent better and those on his under arms were fifty percent better. The patches on his inner thighs had been more than fifty percent better. However, he had to travel to Pune three to four days ago and after that, the itching had increased slightly.

Three months later, when Mr. V.K. visited Life Force on 10th February 2015, all his lesions were more than seventy five percent better. He had noticed slight itching on his chin since fifteen days, but there had been no patch formation.

Three months later, when Mr. V.K. visited on 8th May 2015 for his feedback, he informed that the patch on his neck was better by eighty percent. The other patches were also much better, but the patches on his neck and underarms had increased slightly since the last twenty days. 

When Mr. V.K. visited Life Force on 11th August 2015 after three months, all his patches continued to be more than eighty percent better.

In chronic diseases like Hailey Hailey disease, there is a tendency to have natural progression and frequent periods of relapses. With homeopathic treatment, the periods of remission are lengthened. The relapses are reduced in intensity and last for a shorter while. Thus, homeopathic medicines gradually help to control such chronic and difficult diseases.

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