Case-5: Gradual and consistent improvement in case of erectile dysfuction with homeopathy.

Forty two-year-old executive Mr. V. K. (Patient Identification Number: 25046) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 5th March 2015 with the complaint of erectile dysfunction. He was suffering from loss of libido (sex drive) since two years. He mentioned that he was in active physical relationship with two to three girls in past. He was more concerned about his complaint as he was going to get married in next one month. He was feeling depressed whether his problem would affect his married life. He used to masturbate three to four times in a week. He was experiencing heat in his genital region since three months. So far no investigation or treatment was done for the same.

He was suffering from hair fall since seven to eight months which progressed into male pattern baldness. Forty to seventy strands of hair would shed off everyday after bath.

He was also suffering from acidity since two years. Symptoms occurred three to four times in a month lasting for one to two hours. There was burning sensation in abdomen and in retrosternal region. Frequent belching was also present. He attributed the cause for his acidity to outside eating and irregular meal pattern. His complaints used to increase in evening and after eating fried food. To get relief occasionally he would take tablet gelusil.

History of past illness revealed nothing significant except for a surgery for phimosis in childhood.  His mother suffered with osteoarthritis.

Mr. V. K. had an average appetite for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. He liked to have spicy food and sweets with special craving for chicken. He disliked sour taste. Thirst was average with tendency for profuse perspiration especially on forehead. He could not tolerate heat. Sleep was sound and there were no complaints regarding bowels and urination.

Mr. V.K. worked as an executive in a private company. He stayed with his parents, two unmarried younger sisters. His elder sister was married. Father was retired and mother was a housewife.

He was short tempered and would get irritated easily. He had a feeling that he had not progressed enough in his life. He was an introvert. He was very superstitious by nature.

On going through his case history in details, Dr Shah prescribed his new research based medicines for six weeks.

After six weeks on 15th April 2015, he gave his feedback on call, mentioning slight improvement in his erectile dysfunction. The feeling of heat in genital region had reduced by five percent. Mild improvement was observed with respect to fear of performance during sex. Loss of libido was slightly better. He informed that he got married in the same month. There was no change in symptoms of acidity. Retrosternal burning and belching was still present. He continued with the same medicines that were prescribed.

He visited clinic after two months on 29th June 2015. The improvement in erectile dysfunction continued. He had ten to twenty percent improvement in his complaints. His symptoms of feeling of heat in genital region was better by thirty percent. Fear of performance during sex had reduced by twenty percent. Loss of sex drive was also better by five to ten percent. His problem of acidity had improved. There was no change in the frequency and duration of symptoms, but the intensity had reduced. Belching had decreased than before. He had stopped eating outside food. Hair fall had increased slightly. He also reported that his wife was pregnant. Based on this follow-up changes were made in the prescription.

He wanted to take a break in the treatment till his wife’s delivery.

He restarted the treatment after one year on 10th March 2016. Erectile dysfunction better by more than fifty percent. Loss of libido had reduced by fifty percent. Feeling of heat in genital region was completely gone. Fear of performance during sex was also better by seventy percent. The performance would get affected only for four to five days in a month. He mentioned that his wife delivered a healthy baby boy. His symptoms of acidity had reduced by eighty percent. Retrosternal burning and belching had reduced by sixty to seventy percent. Frequency of occurrence of acidity reduced to once in a month. Dr Shah continued with the research based medicines without making any changes in the prescription.

In next follow up on 3rd May 2016, Mr V.K. reported consistent improvement in the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by more than seventy percent. Acidity had also drastically improved. Belching was completely better. Retrosternal burning had markedly reduced. There was not much improvement in the hair fall. He was clearly explained that homeopathy has the role only to control the hair fall in male pattern baldness. No new growth is expected in the bald areas. With this clear advice Dr Shah continued with the medicines for next two months.

Mr V.K. is still continuing with the treatment with beneficial effects of homeopathy.

The above case highlights the effective role of Homeopathy in treatment of erectile dysfunction. The case shows the efficiency of new research based homeopathy medicines in treatment of chronic diseases. The long term benefits of homeopathic medicines continue to stay even after taking a break in treatment. 

Case Study prepared by Dr Mrudula

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