Case-2: Recovery that never took a break in a case of Lichen planus pigmentosa with homeopathy

Twenty-two-year-old male, Mr. A.D.D. (Patient Identification No: 15707) visited Life Force on 26th March 2011 for the treatment of Lichen Planus Pigmentosa.

He presented with hyperpigmented spots on temples, around eyes, on the nape of neck, wrist, elbow and axilla. He was having these spots since 6-7 years. There was no itching on the spots. The spots were slowly spreading. His skin biopsy reports, done two years ago were suggestive of lichen planus pigmentosa. He did not have any family history of lichen planus. He had taken conventional treatment for two years and homeopathic treatment for three years from local doctors but that had not given him significant improvement. He had stopped all medications since four months.

 He was also suffered with acidity since one year. During an episode of acidity, he would have burning sensation in the epigastrium, heaviness in abdomen, flatulence and headache associated with acidity. His acidity complaints increased with stress, spicy food and on skipping the meals.

He was a non-vegetarian by diet. He had peculiar liking for spicy food. He used to smoke 1-2 cigarettes per day since two years and would consume alcohol occasionally. His thirst was normal and he would have profuse perspiration on the forehead. He was sensitive to hot weather. His bowel movements and urination were normal. He had disturbed sleep. He was pursuing his masters in business administration from Pune. His sister was studying dentistry. His father had a government job and his mother was a housewife.

On obtaining the details of his life profile, he expressed that his parents had put him to a boarding school for 2 years, 5-6 years ago. He felt very lonely, sad and homesick. He was not able to concentrate on his studies. He wanted to become a doctor; but since he got less marks he could not become a doctor. He even failed in his first year engineering. He felt whatever he chose to do, it did not give him success. He had stopped believing in God. He had become a reserved person. He was short-tempered, stubborn and did not like anyone dominating him. He would get violent anger and would even hit people during rage. He would not forgive anyone easily. He always had confusion of mind.

He had suffered from typhoid fever, malaria and fracture on the left forearm in the past. His father had diabetes mellitus and hypertension. His paternal grandmother and maternal uncle also suffered from hypertension.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed Carcinosin 200 along with research based medicine for lichen planus pigmentosa.

After two months follow-up, he called up and reported mild increase in hype-pigmented spots in axilla. His lichen planus spots on the other parts id not not show much improvement.

After five months follow-up; he reported of twenty percent improvement in his lichen planus pigmentosa lesions. His acidity complaints were significantly better. No new lesions were reported.

After another three months of follow-up, he reported of further forty percent improvement in his lichen planus lesions. He did not have any acidity complaints.

After next three months of follow up, he reported that his lichen planus lesions were ninety percent better and there was no spread. His acidity complaints were completely better.

He then discontinued the treatment.
He then visited Life Force after two years on 7th June 2014. He had got busy with studies and later with job and had thus discontinued the treatment. He reported of excellent improvement in his lichen planus pigmentosa spots around eyes, temples and axilla. 

He was happy and looked more confident now. He had got small new spots on the neck, forehead and on the right forearm. He also complained of hair fall since one year. He was hopeful that after proper treatment, the new spots would also get completely cured, just like the old spots over the temples, axilla and eyes.

This case highlights the response of a chronic disease like lichen planus pigmentosa to homeopathic treatment. Although not much improvement was seen initially, slow, gradual but consistent relief was obtained by the medicines. Homeopathy brings relief by correcting the immune system, hence although the response is gradual but recovery is always achieved when correct medicines are prescribed to the patient. 

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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