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A sweet two-years-old boy Mast. I.P. (Patient Identification No: 16024) visited Life Force on 10th May 2011, accompanied by his mother and grandmother for the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis.

He was presented with complaints of atopic dermatitis from the age of 20 days. He had an episode of wheezing and was given nebulisation after which his skin complaints had started. His face, wrists, forearms, ankles and legs were affected with it. He would have severe itching, dryness, swelling, oozing and crusting of the affected parts. Scratching on the skin would lead to occasional bleeding. Since December 2010, his complaints had increased. His itching would increase with new moon, night, vaccination and bathing and he would feel better with change of weather. On examination, he had papular eruptions on the face and hyperpigmentation on the skin of legs, ankles, wrists and forearm with thickening of skin. His photos were taken. He was given steroidal application along with anti-histamines to control the itching. He had also taken some ayurvedic treatment and homeopathic treatment for few days.

Along with these, he also suffered form urticaria since last 6 months. He had severe itching on his forearms and legs with hives. He would have these complaints with intake of tomatoes, crabs and shell fish. His mother would completely avoid giving him non-vegetarian food to prevent his complaints.

His great grandfather both maternal and paternal had asthma. His grandfather suffered from eczema, hypertension and paralytic stroke. His maternal grandmother suffered from hypertension.

Even with medications, his disease had not come under control. His mother was really worried about his progression of the disease. Gradually, all his body parts were affected with atopic dermatitis. Due to his skin complaints, he had become an irritable child. His mother could not bear his suffering and wanted a permanent solution to his complaints and thus started with homeopathic treatment under Dr. Shah.

His appetite was average. He did not have any specific likes or dislikes in food. His thirst, perspiration, urination and bowel movements were normal. He was sensitive to cold climate. His sleep was disturbed because of his skin complaints. All his developmental milestones were early. His was given all the vaccination till date. His mother was a home maker. She was a single mother and was not married to the child's father. They were staying with her parents.

The child was very friendly, would mix easily, understanding, yielding and precocious. However, with itching he would get obstinate, angry and irritable. He had a good memory and would remember everything.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah. He prescribed Carcinosin 200 along with research based medicines for his complaints of severe atopic dermatitis and urticaria.

After 4 months of treatment, his progress report was updated over phone by his mother on 27th August 2011. She reported of 60% improvement in his atopic dermatitis. There were no new spots. The complaints of itching and redness had reduced. His urticaria complaints were much under control. He was prescribed medicines accordingly. 

On 10th February 2012, his mother called-up to give his feedback for further medicines. She reported that there was 75% improvement in his condition. Itching had reduced considerably. The lesions had dried-up. His cheeks were now clear of any red patches. Although they appeared occasionally but disappeared in a short span of time. There was complete relief in complaint of urticaria and he no longer developed hives. His prescriptions were revised accordingly and treatment was continued.

On 30th July 2013, his mother called-up to submit his feedback. She reported 80-85% improvement in his condition. Itching was minimally present. Patches were present at back of legs and front of arms but didn’t bother him much. Patches on the cheeks had completely disappeared. His complaints of wheezing and frequent colds were responding well to the treatment. 

His treatment was continued for next two years to achieve a better control over his disease. He had shown 90% improvement with homeopathic treatment. During the course of his treatment, he even suffered from frequent colds which also got effectively treated with homeopathic medicines. 

He is still under our treatment for the management of his skin complaints and for his constipation complaints. His mother was so happy and relieved. She has been extremely thankful to Dr. Shah for her son's treatment. She could not see the suffering of her son. She is now glad that her son is happy and healthy.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M.)

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