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Case-2: No more dependency on antibiotics for severe cough!! Thanks to Homeopathy

A four-year-old little girl Ms.S.S.K. (Patient Identification No: 21863), visited Life Force; accompanied by her parents on 2nd November 2013, for the treatment of recurrent cough. Her parents were introduced to Life Force through our website.

She presented with suffering from recurrent cough since last six months. She had suffered from four severe episodes in last six months. Each episode would last for 6-7 days. Since two days, she had again started with an episode of cough. She would have dry cough which would aggravate on lying down. Her cough would also increase at night. There would be vomiting associated with cough. During every episode, she would require a course of antibiotics. She has also taken nebulisation twice during severe episodes. 

Her parents were really worried about her suffering. Due to her cough complaints, she would not be able sleep well at night and would feel irritated during the day. Her parents were afraid of the side-effects of frequent intake of antibiotics and nebulisation. They, thus started with homeopathic treatment for their daughter under Dr. Shah.

She would eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. She would particularly like salty foods. She was more sensitive to hot weather. She would have profuse perspiration all over body. Her bowels were satisfactory. She also had complaints of bed-wetting at night. 

She was a hyperactive and obstinate child. She would be jolly and would mix easily with others. She was studying in nursery. Her father was working with a private company and her mother was a home maker.

Her father also suffered from complaints of cough. His paternal grandfather had diabetes mellitus. She did not suffer from any major illness in the past.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah. He prescribed his research based medicine for her recurrent cough complaints.

She visited with her parents for the first follow-up on 3rd December 2013. Her parents reported that her cough had shown tremendous improvement within a month's medicine. She had 80% improvement in her complaints. Since the start of the medicines, there was no episode of continuous cough. There was no vomiting with cough. There was no need to take antibiotics. With every follow-up, her parents reported of gradual improvement in her complaints.

After three months, her progress report was submitted online, reporting of no episode of cough and cold since last 1 month. There was no vomiting either. They only reported that, she would only keep touching her nostrils may be due to some irritation. Her parents were happy with the homeopathic treatment. According, to their feedback, her revised medicines were sent for one month.

She then visited Life Force with her parents on 5th September 2014, after a gap of five months. Her parents reported that she was completely better from cough till July 2014. 
Her parents reported that she was doing very well with homeopathic treatment, but as she did not have any cough complaints they had discontinued the treatment. Her parents were glad that she was no more dependent on antibiotics to control her cough.

Since, two months her cough and cold complaints started. Though this time, her frequency, intensity and duration of the episode was less. She was also given allopathic medicines but that did not control her cough and cold. Her case was reviewed and her treatment was restarted to achieve complete recovery.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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