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Salivary gland blockage of 30 years cleared with Homeopathy!!

A 56-year-old gentleman, Mr. S.N. (Patient Identification Number- 22921); visited Life Force Homeopathy on 9th June 2014 with complaints of swelling of salivary glands with decreased salivation since last 30 years.

He presented with complaints of salivary gland blockage. He would have such episodes several times a year with swelling, pain and decreased salivation mainly from the right salivary gland. His episode would last for 3-4 days with moderate intensity. Since two days, he had a severe episode. His complaints would aggravate with eating, stress, touch and with food on large intervals. His appetite was reduced. He had taken homeopathic treatment for 5 years before 20 years which had helped him. 

He was also suffering from diabetes mellitus, hypertension, varicose veins, calcaneal spur and some allergic rashes on skin. He was on conventional medications for these ailments.

He had a large frame and was a flabby patient. He was a vegetarian by diet. His appetite was completely diminished. He liked sour food, fermented food and snacks. His thirst, perspiration, bowel movements and urination were normal. He could not tolerate heat. He had a disturbed sleep, waking up at around 2-3 am and then it was difficult for him to fall asleep. He would have dreams of getting late, exams, etc.

He was a professional working for finance company. His wife was a homemaker and he had 2 children; a daughter and a son. He had a positive and well supported childhood. His youth years were a bit stressful. On observation, he was a confident and expressive man. He would accept new challenges. He would have anxiety regarding his work, unless completed. He did not have any apparent stress at present.

In the past he had suffered from measles and chicken pox. He had also undergone a surgery for rupture of achillies tendon. 

His mother had high blood pressure. There was a strong family history of diabetes mellitus. 

He was advised to get a M.R.I. of salivary glands. His MRI report was suggestive of i) dilated right submandibular and bilateral parotid ducts ii) Right submandibular sialolithiasis iii) Inflammatory/ edematous changes within bilateral parotid gland and right submandibular gland.

His case was studied by Dr. Shah in detail and he prescribed him Calcarea Carbonicum 30 along with his research based medicine. 

He submitted his first follow up online on 19th July 2014. He reported that there was marked improvement in the blockage of salivary gland. It had become less frequent and it would clear on its own without leading to swelling. His allergic rashes on skin had completely disappeared. 

He submitted his next feedback online on 14th September 2014. He reported that the blockage of salivary gland would happen only once in 45 days. He was delighted with the response.

He continued the medications for 5 months and reported again on 3rd Feb 2015. He was glad to report of significant improvement. He only had suffered from one episode in January. He was extremely happy that homeopathy has effectively worked in such atypical and chronic complaints. 

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M. on 30/03/2015)


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