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Long-term recovery in a case of severe ulcerative colitis with homeopathy

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Sixty-three-year-old elderly male Mr. B.E.N. (Patient Identification Number: 16285) availed our online treatment on 20th June 2011, for the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

He was suffering from ulcerative colitis since last ten years. He would pass stools 5-6 times per day. His stools would be watery, yellowish and foul smelling. He would pass 1-2 tiny red blood clots and little mucus along with the stool. He would have severe urge to pass stools after having food. He would pass very little quantity of stool and gases during an urge. He would have so severe gas formation that even with passage of urine, gas would pass out forcefully without his control. He would feel embarrassed due to continuous gas formation. He would not have pain, nausea or vomiting associated with his complaints. He had lost around 5 kilograms of weight in 10 years.

He had consulted with gastroenterologist and undergone colonoscopy, which was suggestive of ulcerative colitis. His doctor advised him medicines like mesacol, entoform enema and etc which were continued for around 2 years with some relief. However, he was told to continue mesacol for life long which he didn't want to. He was then managing his complaints with diet and ayurvedic medicines. His complaints again started increasing since May 2011 and he had to again start with conventional medicines. He did not want dependency on conventional medicines and thus started homeopathic treatment from Life Force, in order to achieve significant and long lasting cure without any side effects.

His appetite was average. He did not have any strong likes and dislikes about food. His thirst, perspiration, urination and sleep were normal. He was more tolerant to hot climate. 

He was a retired central government servant. He was residing at his native place near Kerala, with his wife and daughter. He was a happy man. His only concern was his health.

He had undergone surgery for hernia in 2003. There was no history of any major illness in his family.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he prescribed him Muriatic acid 30. The medicines were couriered to him for 2 months.

He submitted his first progress report online on 12th August 2011. He reported that he had responded very positively to the treatment and had seen 50% improvement in his complaints. His frequency of stools reduced to 2-3 times/day. He also mentioned that he had not passed blood or mucus along with the stool since last 12 days. His stool was well formed and his complaints of gas formation was little better. His next batch of medicines were sent to him.

Within 4 months of treatment, he responded very well and achieved 80% improvement in his condition. The frequency of stool was still 2-3 times, but it was well formed and no blood, no mucus and with no pain at all. The gas formation had also reduced drastically.

He continued his treatment for one year till 28th June 2012. He only had one acute episode in Dec 2011, which was effectively managed with some change in the prescription. He reported to have achieved 100% cure in his condition. He was immensely thankful to Dr. Shah and the the entire Life Force team for the wonderful treatment.

He then contacted Life Force on 6th Aug 2014, after a gap of two years. He reported that he was completely symptom free for 2 years. He reported of relapse which was triggered after having chilies and spicy food, though the intensity of his relapse was very mild. His frequency of stools would be 4-5 times per day with very little mucus occasionally but no blood and no pain. His case was reviewed and his treatment was restarted.

Homeopathic medicines gradually reduce the frequency and intensity of episodes, aiming a long term control and recovery in ulcerative colitis.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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